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Dear Superintendents,

As the school year begins, I remind you that the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) stands ready to support your schools. We sponsored, supported, and attended dozens of trainings across the state over the summer and we understand that “sit and get” is the least effective professional development. We intend to continue supporting, coaching, and providing guidance throughout the school year.

Congratulations to new superintendents in the state and we look forward to seeing you throughout the year in your community, and at statewide gatherings.

It was a remarkable experience to attend the Solution Tree PLC and RTI conference recently in Worland. What struck me most profoundly was the enthusiasm of the teachers (mostly from Wyoming). Even on day 3, the energy was contagious. I am so proud of our work together in the RTI and school culture arena to support all schools, especially those that are struggling the most. This initiative is a hallmark that positively and immediately impacts students. Thank you for your commitment to the initiative!

Kayla stands and speaks at the podium inside the Casper Events Center.
Kayla was named Youth of the Year at the Central Wyoming Boys and Girls Clubs breakfast in Casper this week. The event brought thousands of community members who support learning opportunities outside of the school day.
The runners up for Youth of the Year hold their plaques and pose with the State Superintendent at the Casper Events Center, next to a sign for Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming
Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming Youth of the Year runners up


In the coming weeks, we will be asking for staffing data for special education in your school district, via survey. This information is being collected in fulfillment of our statutory obligation under 2018 House Bill 140 (Enrolled Act 68), Section 4(b) which states:

“On or before January 1, 2019, the state superintendent of public instruction shall establish statewide guidelines for adequate special education staffing levels as required by W.S. 21-2-202(a)(xxiii).”

In advance, I thank you for your effort in completing the survey expeditiously.

The State Superintendent stands with Andy Jones inside the new B.E.A.S.T. facility, which is a large warehouse-type building with basketball and volleyball courts and wide open space for a variety of activities.
Andy Jones, Founder of B.E.A.S.T. in Cheyenne, welcomes visitors into the community facility (rec center and STEM space) this week.
Memos to be released on Tuesday, September 4: