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Dear Superintendents,

School Performance Reports (SPRs) were made public this week along with this media release. Main points from my comments to media included:

  • The number of schools meeting or exceeding expectations increased
  • The number of schools not meeting expectations decreased
  • 7 schools jumped two levels
  • 13 schools exceeded expectations for three or more years in a row
  • Goal must be to increase the number of high schools exceeding expectations
  • Next year’s report will be more comprehensive and fulfill federal and state requirements for reporting
  • The WDE will continue to work with schools and districts to provide support and professional development


Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) states will annually publish a report card that meaningfully differentiates school performance. Since Wyoming is moving toward one, comprehensive accountability system, our report card will fulfill state and federal requirements for reporting student data and differentiating school performance. Additionally, local report cards must be generated. Each district must disseminate an annual report card with specific information for each school. WDE will provide more information in the coming months–this is a new responsibility for local districts.

Here is an information sheet about the federal public reporting requirement for schools and districts.

 An article this week in Education Dive raises awareness about the responsibilities of schools under ESSA and some of the challenges you and principals may face this coming school year.

 On ESSA: Many principals have little idea what the law actually means

A group sits at a table talking during a meeting at the WDE.
Construction at the WDE is almost complete—this group is planning the next Wyoming Career Readiness Council (WCRC) meeting. L-R: Robin Grandpre (WDE), Carmalee Rose (Workforce Services), Laurel Ballard (WDE), Mark Madsen (Simon Contractors)

WY-TOPP Upcoming Date

September 5 is the statewide “WY-TOPP Test the System” day. All schools and media outlets have received information about this unique opportunity for teachers, students, and members of the media and public to sample the new assessment. The test is not mandatory but it’s important that at least one school in every school district participates so we can work out technology kinks before the test goes live.


The number of weekly memos is beginning to increase as the school year gets underway. For the second year, we developed a back-to-school toolkit. Included in the toolkit is our statewide Education Snapshot. This was very popular last year and many school districts used it as a template to create a district snapshot. We are excited to offer it again with new information and data.


A view of the cover of the snapshot shows the Wyoming Department of Education's URL,, and mission to Create opportunities for students to keep Wyoming strong with the vision To significantly increase the percentage of Wyoming students that are College, Career, and Military Ready. A stock photo of colored pencils, an eraser, a ruler, a calculator and a notebook in a bright green backpack is also seen.

Memos to be released on Tuesday, September 5: