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Dear Superintendents,

Graduation rates were released on Tuesday. As you follow up with your local media and school boards, here were a few of my talking points, FYI:

  • The Class of 2016 posted an “on-time” graduation rate of 80.0%.
  • This marks four years of steady growth, from 77.5% in 2012-13. State accountability system is making schools take a hard look at what they are doing and improve.
  • All schools “not meeting expectations” posted gains in their grad rate – progress is being made!
  • Students in classically marginalized populations saw gains as well. Graduation rates increased in 2015-16 for American Indian students, Hispanic students, English Learners, homeless students, students with Individualized Education Programs, and students that are eligible for free and reduced price lunch.
  • We will continue to aim for the goal of every student graduating from high school and being successful in their next steps in life. Hopeful strengthening of accountability system and statewide systems of support will help progress to continue.


Attached is a memo about Random Acts of Kindness Week February 12-18. Wyoming’s children and adults engage in RAK every day of the year and we want to bring that to the spotlight in schools. Governor Mead will sign a proclamation for the first time in our state and we would like to highlight your community’s RAKs in our social media. I hope you will help in spreading the word about RAK Week by ensuring teachers and guidance counselors receive the attached memo.

Legislative Session

There are a large volume of education bills this session and education finance challenges continue to loom. To date, no major decisions have been made about school funding. I continue to urge legislators to avoid changes to the model.

Superintendent Balow stands with the principal and two staff members from Southside Elementary School while they hold their plaque at the Superintendent's Policy Summit.
Southside Elementary in Washakie 1 is recognized for school performance

Memos to be released on Monday, January 23: