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CHEYENNE – The 2015-16 Science Standards Review Committee is recommending a draft set of science standards, which can be viewed here. The draft 2016 Wyoming Science Content and Performance Standards will be discussed by the Wyoming State Board of Education during their meeting at the Hulett Community Center on March 17-18. After discussion, if the board decides to receive the draft standards, further public input will be collected.

“Wyoming took a deep dive into its review of science standards and made sure the public was involved throughout the entire process,” said Wyoming State Superintendent Jillian Balow. “This committee worked together from beginning to end, with the needs of our schools and our state at the forefront of their work. We are all grateful for their dedication. This standards review process was inclusive, comprehensive, and thoughtful. Input from citizens was embraced by the committee from the first town hall meeting to valuable input provided by science and business professionals.”

The board voted on March 17, 2015 to re-engage a science standards committee to review Wyoming’s Science Content and Performance Standards. A committee of 41 members was formed, including members of the 2012-13 committee, teachers, administrators, post-secondary educators, parents, business and community members. The committee reviewed the work of the previous committee, the science standards from eleven states, national standards, and public input gathered online and through regional meetings.

The committee said in a statement, “Each stakeholder group involved in this process brought forth intelligence, experience, and commitment. With so many perspectives and views, we have had to debate the merits of all viewpoints and decide on what’s best for the education of Wyoming students. We are confident that these science standards will provide an important foundation for Wyoming graduates locally and globally.”

More from the committee is available in their video to Wyoming citizens. Additional resources are also available:

Superintendent Balow and WDE staff will be available to discuss the standards review process and to recognize the work of the committee during a press conference at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, March 11, 2016 at the Wyoming Department of Education. Members of the press and the public are welcome to join in person in Room 281, via phone at 307-438-9905 or 888-670-9530, or online at www.uberconference.com/wdeuberconference.

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