Our Strategic Plan


The Wyoming State Board of Education will empower an educational system that will enable Wyoming students to have the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to succeed.


The Wyoming State Board of Education will set policy that will create educational systems in Wyoming that cultivate a mind for a student who will live in a world where rapid change will be the norm and the ability to adapt will be critical.

Note: The State Board of Education also serves in the capacity of the State Board of Vocational Education.


  1. Develop effective and efficient internal policy processes.
  2. Develop and implement a plan to systematically engage the Wyoming Department of Education, school districts, and the Joint Education Committee, among others.
  3. Support continued improvement in school districts (including in student achievement and growth), educator evaluations, school improvement plans, and accreditation, among other areas.


  1. Set education policy to realize the Wyoming State Board of Education’s vision.
  2. Foster relationships between the Wyoming State Board of Education, Wyoming Department of Education, the State Legislator, and school districts.
  3. Support continuous improvement.
  4. Advocate on behalf of students, educators, and citizens.

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