Content & Performance Standards

Contact Information

Math & Standards Supervisor
Laurie Hernandez
(307) 777-3469
Language Arts & Career, Vocational Education
Catherine Reeves
(307) 777-8595
Science & Fine/Performing Arts
Jim Verley
(307) 777-5506
Foreign Language, ELL, & Health
Robin Holbrook
(307) 777-5217
Social Studies & Physical Education
Stephanie Brady
(307) 777-3793
The Wyoming Content and Performance Standards serve several purposes. They articulate a set of expectations for what students should know and be able to do, enabling them to be prepared for college and career success; to live a life that contributes to the global community. These expectations are communicated to students, parents, educators, and all other Wyoming stakeholders, and provide a common understanding among educators as to what students should learn at particular grades.

Wyoming Content and Performance Standards

Below are the Wyoming Content and Performance Standards, which are current as of July 2012. Please note that changes will be coming for the following content areas: Fine & Performing Arts and Foreign Language (anticipated State Board of Education Vote in September 2012), as well as Science, Physical Education, Social Studies, and Career/Vocational Education (anticipated summer 2013). Please check this page for updates.

Career/Vocational Training

Fine and Performing Arts

Foreign Language

Health Education

Language Arts


Physical Education


Social Studies

Wyoming’s Common Core State Standards

WDE Chapter Policy Rules

Chapter 31; Wyoming Graduation Requirements

Chapter 10; Wyoming Content and Performance Standards

English Language Development Standards

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