Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs)

…WY-ALT Policy Level Descriptors 2014-2016 K-1 Wyoming English/Language Extended Standards 2020 Wyoming Math Extended Standards 2018 Wyoming Science Extended Standards WIDA ACCESS Can Do Descriptors K-12 Can Do Descriptors  …

Cut Scores

…The members were selected from large and small Wyoming school districts throughout the state, ensuring diverse perspectives throughout the standard-setting process. Because the 2018 Science Extended Standards were first assessed…

Assessment – State System

…Computer adaptive assessment with multiple item types (e.g., enhanced multiple-choice, constructed response, technology-enhanced, performance task). WY-ALT Aligned to the Wyoming Extended Standards. Reading and mathematics are assessed in grades 3-10….

Acronyms and Definitions

…expected of students at each grade level in various content groups. Wyoming adopted the Common Core State Standards as the Wyoming Content and Performance Standards of 2012 in the areas…

For Teachers

…for more information. LINKS Content Areas Standards Index Mathematics Science Language Arts English Learners Social Studies Fine & Performing Arts Foreign Language Health Education Physical Education Standards Review Extended Standards


…assessments. Educators can build assessment items aligned to any of the 10 content areas of the Wyoming Content & Performance Standards and to the three areas of the Wyoming Extended