Jillian Balow, WDE Superintendent

Superintendent Jillian Balow

Jillian Balow was elected to be Wyoming’s twenty-second State Superintendent of Public Instruction in 2014. As State Superintendent, Jillian serves as one of Wyoming’s five statewide elected officials. She is constitutionally entrusted with general supervision of Wyoming’s public education system and sitting on critical state boards and commissions such as the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees and State Board of Land Commissioners.

Jillian leads with the fundamental understanding that every person is a stakeholder in education and every issue in education matters. Jillian’s policy decisions stem from her core beliefs that the role of parents in education is paramount, that curriculum and school district operations are best determined at the local level, and that our education system should provide as many opportunities as possible to make our youth successful citizens upon graduation. Jillian is passionate about career and technical education, support for our military, and rural education.

Her passion has led her to a place of national prominence on these issues as she serves on the Steering Committee for the Education Commission of the States, and on the board of directors for the Council of Chief State School Officers, where she also serves as a member of their School Safety Steering Committee. In 2016, Superintendent Balow was recognized with the Patrick Henry Award for her contributions to the Wyoming Military Department, and is the recipient of the 2017 State Policymaker Award from the State Education Technology Directors Association. She is a strong voice for Wyoming children in many state and national discussions.

Jillian is a fifth-generation Wyoming native. She taught for over a decade in Wyoming elementary and secondary classrooms and has worked to support children and families her entire career. She describes serving as State Superintendent as both the greatest challenge and honor of her life.

Jillian has an undergraduate degree in education from the University of Wyoming and a master’s degree in education from Regis University. In addition to teaching, Jillian has consulted in the private sector on education issues, served as an administrator at both the Wyoming Department of Education and Family Services, and was a policy advisor to Governor Matt Mead.

A mother of two, Paiton (18) and Jack (12), Jillian is a proud FFA and 4-H parent and supporter. She is also involved in numerous volunteer and charitable activities. Her husband, John, is an administrator at Laramie County School District #1. Jillian and her family reside in Cheyenne.