Superintendent Degenfelder – An Introduction

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Happy New Year! I am very excited to work with you in 2023, and beyond. I ran to be State Superintendent because I am a product of Wyoming public schools, a lifelong Wyomingite, and as such have a deeply held passion for ensuring our students are provided every opportunity to build a successful future right here in Wyoming.

Over the course of the past year, I had the opportunity to travel all across the state, meeting with tens of thousands of Wyoming voters and discussing the education issues important to them.

By the end of the campaign, three topics rose to the top of collective concerns: 1) parental empowerment and transparency; 2) industry partnership and preparing students for successful jobs; and 3) getting government out of the way of the classroom. My goal will be to make progress in addressing these concerns with strategic initiatives, working with education stakeholders like you. We will build trust with families, businesses, and school districts by working collaboratively toward solutions to these concerns.

I am also very excited to announce my leadership team. With decades of experience in education, from the classroom to the state department, the team is incredibly experienced and talented. As such, we have a great opportunity to immediately move on our strategic initiatives. The leadership team includes:

  • Dicky Shanor, Chief of Staff.
  • Trent Carroll, Chief Operations Officer.
  • Shelley Hamel, Chief Academics Officer.
  • Wanda Maloney, Chief Policy Officer.
  • Linda Finnerty, Communications Director.

Thank you for your passion for education and all you do in your local communities. Together, we will improve educational opportunities and outcomes for students. I look forward to working with each of you.

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Megan Degenfelder
State Superintendent of Public Instruction