On The Road Again

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Dear Superintendents,

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind for sure. Notwithstanding, as the dust begins to settle and more clarity is emerging on the significance of the role of Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction, with much counsel from friends and family, I have declared my intention to formally run for the position in the upcoming election.

More District Visits

Last week culminated in a road trip to Fremont County, with visits to Fremont County #24 (Shoshoni), Fremont County #25 (Riverton) and Fremont County #38 (Arapahoe). Major kudos to the leadership of these three districts, as well as to their committed and joyful teaching staff who are doing such amazing work in the trenches with our kids.


I also got the chance to stop by Laramie County #2 schools in Albin.



Besides all the other benefits that come from getting out into the field, these district visits only reinforce the need to keep the control at the local levels, as our district superintendents and local school boards are incredibly capable, and know well the dynamics of their individual districts and the DNA of their communities. These schools are in great hands.

Memos to be released today: