Prioritizing the Safety and Wellbeing of Students

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Dear Superintendents,

It’s hard to believe we are crossing the first quarter threshold of the school year. Thank you for your careful course corrections and for prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of students, staff, and community. As I visit with each of you individually the theme is that the school year is very challenging but that students and learning make it feel more normal than not. Thank you for your leadership!

While my travel is very limited and we take extra precautions when I meet face to face with people, I visited Gillette’s urban farm, Equality State Farms, this week. The owners, Matt and Marlena Walker, have partnered with Campbell County School District to ensure the locally sourced produce is on students’ lunch trays – One more reason to love Wyoming! While you can’t tell from the photo below, we were standing in the open doorway of a loading dock and it was cold!


I toured Equality State Farms this week with owner Matt Walker and Campbell County Food Service Director Bryan Young. Some of the local produce goes to students in Gillette’s schools. Photo Credit: Veteran Move Media

Memos to be released:

  • 2020-162:   Malcolm Wallop Civic Engagement Program
  • 2020-163:   DonorsChoose Offers Classroom Project Funding Opportunities
  • 2020-164:   2020 National ESEA Distinguished Schools Application