WDE Seeks Public Input on Extended Math Standards and WY-TOPP Science Student Performance Level Indicators

CHEYENNE – The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) seeks public input on the Proposed 2020 Wyoming Math Extended Standards and the Proposed WY-TOPP 2021+ Science Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs) that will be implemented in 2021. Standards and performance level descriptors for all subjects must be adopted by the Wyoming State Board of Education (SBE) on a periodic basis. Public input received for the Math Extended Standards and the Science PLDs will be considered by the SBE prior to making a decision to adopt at its January meeting.

The Proposed 2020 Math Extended Standards provide scaffolded instruction for students with cognitive disabilities. The WY-ALT assessment, which assesses students with the most significant cognitive disabilities, measures student performance on these standards. These standards are aligned, to and extended from, the 2018 Wyoming Math Standards.

The Proposed WY-TOPP 2021+ Science PLDs will be used to determine student performance level expectations of the 2016 Wyoming Science Standards on the science WY-TOPP test.

Public input is open through January 2, 2020. Input may be submitted online or mailed to:

Barb Marquer
Standards Supervisor
Wyoming Department of Education
122 W. 25th St., E200
Cheyenne, WY 82002

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Contact Michelle Panos, Communications Director, at michelle.panos1@wyo.gov or 307-777-2053.