Wyoming’s A Grade On Quality Counts Report

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Dear Superintendents,

This week the Quality Counts report on school finance was released and Wyoming is ranked #1. Looking just beyond the “A” grade that Wyoming received is an important story. Half of the score is based on quantity–how much money is spent on education. The other half of the score represents how fairly money is spread to schools and districts–quality of funding. Here are a few Wyoming-specific highlights:

  • The national average grade was “C.” Wyoming was the only state to receive and “A.”
  • Other states with high grades ranked high in spending (quantity) but low in equity (quality). Wyoming scored high in both.

Here is a link to the report and interactive state reviews.


Teachers in Rock Springs participate in the SCRIPT Computer Science training.

Memos to be released on Monday, June 10:

  • 2019-073 – Webinar on English Learners and Title III Funding