With Help From Microsoft, New Educator Training Opportunities

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Dear Superintendents,

WDE and school districts are coordinating multiple training opportunities for the summer. Of note and in this week’s memos, Wyoming received a grant from Microsoft to provide Computer Science training for teachers and registration is available for the annual STAR conference.


WDE teammates were in Cheyenne Thursday with K-12 science teachers working in Performance Level Descriptors and Blueprints for the 2016 Science Standards. Thanks to all our educators who take the time to help strengthen Wyoming’s standards.


Look carefully, you may recognize faces of your former students. These UW biz students presented their investments to the State Loan and Investment Board on Thursday.

Memos to be released on Monday, April 8:

  • 2019-053: STAR Conference Information
  • 2019-054: Health, Physical Education, and Fine & Performing Arts Standards Review
  • 2019-055: Time Sensitive: 2017-18 WDE950 Student Transcript Review
  •      2019-055a: Report Legend
  • 2019-056: Computer Science Training: Strategic Planning Tool for School Districts