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Dear Superintendents,

Congratulations to Wyoming on an increased 4-year, on-time graduation rate for the fifth straight year. I reached out directly to several schools with significant gains and found the following commonalities:

  • There is not one factor that raises graduation rates or any other indicator.
  • There must be a district-wide focus on building a student-centered school culture.
  • Early intervention is key.
  • Accuracy of data submitted to WDE made a difference.

At the WDE we will continue to do our part to support a student-centered school culture, quality instruction, and to provide technical assistance to districts in data set preparation.

Here is a link to the press release about graduation rates.

One of the ways we support schools is through the Statewide System of Support (SSOS). This week we roll out the SSOS Guidebook for school leaders. The guidebook lays out the protocol for placing schools in tiers of support, as per state accountability. It also includes information about where evidence-based supports and resources are offered for school improvement. The guidebook was developed in conjunction with school districts and Education Northwest.



Jan Hoegh with Marzano Research led educators from across the state in the program, Phase III – The Art and Science of Teaching Thursday in Evanston. Thanks to all the educators who braved icy roads to be part of this training.MLK

Superintendent Balow, WDE Exeuctive Assistant Rita Watson, Chief of Staff Dicky Shanor attended the MLK dinner in Cheyenne.leap

Women from across Wyoming attended this week’s Leap Into Leadership conference.

Memo to be released on Monday, 28: