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Dear Superintendents,

Accountability results for 2017-18 were released yesterday. Thank you again to school districts for reviewing your school-level data and helping us to push out reports that are relevant and useful in the school improvement process. Reports are available on Fusion and our staff continues to provide technical assistance. Here is a link to the media release:

Media Release: New State and Federal Accountability Results

Three educators sit around a table working intensely on their laptops. The wall behind them is full of posters covered with sticky notes from the workshop.
Educators from across Wyoming came to Laramie recently to participate in a three-part series to plan and develop science units of instruction. The Five Tools training was presented by BSCS Science Learning.
Five WDE staff wear halloween PacMan Halloween costumes. Everyone is dressed in black with posterboard hanging around their neck that shows PacMan, cherries, and three of the ghosts that chase PacMan throughout the game.
WDE staff welcomes local trick-or-treaters while channeling old-school PACMAN

Memos to be released on Monday, November 5: