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Dear Superintendents,
The Boot Up Wyoming Team at WDE finished school tours this week to gather information about computer science education. Here are a few initial takeaways:

  • Many schools have begun offering basic and advanced computer science courses.
  • Teachers are anxious for computer science standards and often asked questions about the timeline.
  • The desire and need for professional development was expressed consistently throughout the state.
  • Meeting the demand of students who want to take computer science classes is a challenge and will be more of a challenge going forward.
  • Elementary educators are concerned about implementing computer science into the school day (integrated, as a discrete subject, how long, etc)

To date 40 of 48 districts have completed computer science cost survey released last April. We are anxious to report on the results once we have 100% completion.

Laurel Ballard and the WDE Team visit schools to assess Boot Up Wyoming needs and capacity

Memos to be released on Monday, September 10: