Digital Learning and Support

Contact Information

Digital Learning Consultant
Alicia Kerns
(307) 777-3679
Digital Learning Consultant
Lori Kimbrough
(307) 777-7418
Student/Teacher Resources Team Supervisor
Laurel Ballard
(307) 777-8715
Technology is an everyday component to our everyday lives. In order to survive in the world of today and tomorrow, global citizens rely on the technology tool to assist us meet the demands laid before us. Our task as educators is to provide the skills, access, infrastructure and learning opportunities for our students to succeed in a demanding technology-rich environment.

State Technology Plan

In accordance with Part D – Enhancing Education Through Technology of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), Section 2413(a): “To be eligible to receive a grant under this subpart, a State educational agency shall submit to the Secretary, at such time and in such manner as the Secretary may specify, an application containing a new or updated statewide long-range strategic educational technology plan (which shall address the educational technology needs of local educational agencies) and such other information as the Secretary may reasonably require.”

Distance Education


The Wyoming Switchboard Network is a collection of distance education providers that deliver coursework to K-12 students.
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