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Grants Management System (GMS)

Wyoming Switchboard Network
The WSN website provides access to the current distance education courses available to Wyoming K-12 students and information about the various DE program providers.

Content and Performance Standards
Standards specify what students must master. They are not instructional curricula or technical documents used by teachers to guide day-to-day instruction. Teachers ensure that students achieve standards by using a range of instructional strategies that they select based on their students’ needs.

Body of Evidence
To earn a high school diploma, Wyoming students must successfully complete four school years of English, three of mathematics, three of science, and three of social studies (to include history, American government, and economic systems and institutions), for a total of thirteen Carnegie units. Furthermore, Wyoming’s graduation requirements include evidence of proficient performance, at a minimum, on the uniform student content and performance standards for the common core of knowledge and skills.

State Assessment Results
View PAWS results at the State, District, or School Level.