Data Report Graphically Displays Growth and Achievement

Will Enable More Focused School Improvement Planning

Dec. 15

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) is pleased to announce a new report available to the public.

The new report, called Growth and Achievement, was developed by the Assessment and Data teams at the WDE. It employs data visualization techniques to present information graphically.

“These reports are very useful for districts, schools, and teacher teams to get a clear view of academic outcomes from a variety of perspectives,” Deb Lindsey, Director of Assessment said. “Those different perspectives on their strengths and weaknesses will help them to effectively plan ways to improve the education they provide.”

Data for both growth and achievement are displayed at the same time, so viewers can see schools or student groups in one of four quadrants divided by high and low growth, and high and low achievement.

Achievement is reported in terms of the percent of proficient students, and growth is reported in terms of the median growth percentile from the Wyoming growth model for elementary and middle schools across Wyoming.

In the graph, users can select from a variety of categories to broaden or narrow the view of the report. Users can select filters to examine reading or math results, various student groups, districts, schools, and grade levels. Each bubble represents a school or student category within a school depending on the selected filter settings.

The size of the bubble is determined by the number of students in the group selected. In addition to the legend that appears to the right of the graph, users can hover over a bubble to see the name of the school/group it represents, along with performance data for that group.

The Growth and Achievement report helps to answer questions like:

  • How does my school compare to other schools in my district or state in terms of overall proficiency and growth?
  • Which student groups demonstrate stronger achievement and growth in my school or district?
  • Are there other schools of similar size and proficiency rates that demonstrate different growth?

This report is accessible to the public at the WDE data reporting site, though steps have been taken to ensure confidentiality for individual students. Access the report here.

For more information about the report please contact Travis Hoff at or 777-2053.
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