Memos to Superintendents – 2013

2013-148Wyoming Advisory Group for Students with Disabilities12-30-13
2013-147Chapter 13 Rules Public Comment12-30-13
2013-14521st Century Community Learning Centers – Cohort Application12-16-13
2013-144Questionable Experience Report12-9-13
2013-143Early Literacy Plans – WDE626, Early Literacy Data Collection12-2-13
2013-1422014-15 Hathaway Success Curriculum Course Verification11-25-13
2013-141Impact of New Standards on Instruction and Assessment11-25-13
2013-1402013-14 Board Certified Teacher Reimbursement11-25-13
2013-139Blackboard Session with Director Crandall11-19-13
2013-138Teacher Cabinet11-19-13
2013-137No Child Left Behind Title IID Requirements11-19-13
2013-136EPA Webinar11-18-13
2013-135No Child Left Behind Competitive Subgrant to Eligible Partners11-12-13
2013-134WDE Assembles a Teacher Cabinet11-5-13
2013-133Living the Dream Essay Contest11-5-13
2013-132Presentation on Growth Indicator of the School performance Ra11-5-13
2013-131ACCESS for ELLs Administration Training11-5-13
2013-130Wyoming Advisory Panel for Students with Disabilities10-28-13
2013-129Wyoming Student Information Systems Conference10-28-13
2013-128WDE543 Collection, Instructional Foundations for Kindergarten10-21-13
2013-127ACCESS for ELLs (Series 302) Changes10-16-13
2013-126Overview of WAEA Reports10-14-13
2013-125NCLB Competitive Teacher Sub grants10-14-13
2013-124WDE949 Ninth Grade Transcripts10-14-13
2013-1232014 Administration of the WorkKeys Assessment10-14-13
2013-122Confidential Release of School Performance Ratings10-7-13
2013-121WIDA English Language Development Standards: Lesson Planning Workshop9-30-13
2013-120Opportunity from Wyoming PBS9-23-13
2013-1192013-14 Hathaway Scholarship Unit of Study Certification9-23-13
2013-118Wyoming Edition of American Careers9-23-13
2013-117WDE Website Offline9-20-13
2013-1162013-14 WDE613 – Gifted and Talented Data Collection9-17-13
2013-115Corrected 2013 District and School Preliminary AYP Determinations9-17-13
2013-114School Safety Anonymous Tip Line9-17-13
2013-112Sight for Students Program9-9-13
2013-111Call for Comment: District Assessment System Review Process9-9-13
2013-110Second Round of Wyoming Adjunct Professor Loan9-9-13
2013-109Spring 2014 ACCESS for ELLs Administration9-9-13
2013-107Updated Cut Scores for ACT8-26-13
2013-106Introduction of New Director8-26-13
2013-105Locations for Regional Summits on WAEA8-26-13
2013-104Call for Participants: US Senate Youth Program8-26-13
2013-103CCSS Recourses Updated to WDE Standards Page8-26-13
2013-102Submission of WDE537 – Bridges Summer School Report8-26-13
2013-101Instructional Facilitator Summit8-19-13
2013-100Fusion Role Assignments for Upcoming Fall Collections8-19-13
Attachment: Excel spreadsheet for 2013-100 (XLSX Format)8-19-13
2013-099Timeline for Process, Implementation of Common Core Standards8-14-13
2013-098Training for Fall 2013 WDE602 WISE School District Staff Member Collection8-14-13
2013-097Content/Performance Standards & Benchmarks for Science, Social Studies, Phys. Ed8-9-13
2013-0962012-13 High School Assessment Confidential reports Now Available8-9-13
2013-095Introduction of the New Director8-6-13
2013-094Wyoming Becomes an SBAC State8-6-13
2013-093WDE to request Waiver for Title I Notification Process8-5-13
2013-092Secretaries Duncan, Jewell to visit Native American Education Conference8-1-13
2013-091Regional Summits on Educational Accountability Slated for Fall7-31-13
2013-090NASA Exploration Design Challenge7-29-13
2013-0892012-13 PAWS Confidential Reports Now Available7-17-13
2013-087WDE Seeks Public Comments on AMO Waiver Freeze7-10-13
2013-086Rescinding Changes Outlined in WDE614, WDE618 Collections (Memo 2013-009)7-8-13
2013-085ESEA Waiver Update and Request for Public Comment7-8-13
2013-084WIDA Workshops7-1-13
2013-083Correction to Wyoming Adjunct Professor Loan Repayment Program6-26-13
2013-082Wyoming Adjunct Professor Loan Repayment ProgramInformation6-24-13
2013-081Public Comment Sought for Chapter 31 Rules6-13-13
2013-080New Web Upload Application6-12-13
 Attachment for 2013-080 – District Assignment Form (XLSX format) 
2013-079RFP For Energy Literacy Initiative posted on WDE website6-12-13
2013-078HEA88 Wyoming Adjunct Professor Loan Repayment Program6-11-13
2013-077New Doctoral Program Offered6-11-13
2013-076Common Core State Standards FAQ Sheet6-11-13
2013-075WDE626 Data Collection6-4-13
2013-074Unified Video Collaboration6-4-13
2013-073HIV/AIDS Educational Opportunity6-3-13
2013-072Revised Opening Date, Modifications to WDE6336-3-13
2013-071Wyoming Advisory Panel for Students with Disabilities5-29-13
2013-070SBAC Online Practice Assessment – SBAC Technology Readiness Reminder5-29-13
2013-0692013, WDE950 – Graduating Student Transcript5-28-13
2013-0682012-13 Hathaway Scholarship 8th Grade Unit of Study Certification5-28-13
2013-0672012-13 WDE684 and WDE638 Data Verification Process5-23-13
2013-0662013 Free Summer Learning Opportunities for Students5-21-13
2013-065Technology Readiness for Smarter Balanced5-21-13
2013-0642013 Draft of Wyoming’s Career and Vocational Standards Benchmarks5-20-13
2013-063Turner Syndrome5-20-13
2013-062EPA Webinars5-20-13
2013-061Request for Crisis Management Plans5-17-13
2013-060Providing Information to the Public5-15-13
2013-059New Data Collections – WDE949 and WDE7295-13-13
2013-058End-of-Year 2013 WDE6485-13-13
2013-056USDE/USDA Summer Food Service Program5-6-13
2012-0552013 GEAR UP ACT Prep and College Readiness Workshops5-6-13
2013-054Submission of WDE527 – Bridges Extended Day Report5-6-13
2013-053Transition of Anti-Bullying Grant Programs5-2-13
2013-0522013-14 Award Letter for Financial Assistance for Instructional Facilitators (IFs)4-29-13
2013-051Independent Living for Children, Adults with Multi-Disabilities4-29-13
2015-050Three-day workshop for service providers with low-vision clients4-29-13
2013-049WDE offers workshop for students and professionals working with low-vision students4-29-13
2013-047WEN Video Training Spring 2013 WDE 103 and WDE4014-29-13
2013-046World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment(WIDA) Training4-19-13
2013-045Waiver Related to the Title I, Part A Carryover Limitation in Section 1127(b) of the ESEA4-19-13
2013-044WDE continues to seek public feedback on ESEA Flexibility Waiver Application4-15-13
2013-043Wyoming Advisory Panel for Students with Disabilities4-15-13
2013-042Fourth Annual Native American Conference4-15-13
2013-041WDE663 Student Proficency Data Collection4-15-13
2013-040Training for Spring 2013 WDE652 & WISE School Staff Collection School Year 2012-134-8-13
2013-039WEN Video: WISE Attendance, Membership, School District Annual Report4-8-13
2013-038Blackboard Collaborate Session to Receive Feedback on ESEA Waiver4-5-13
2013-037Youth Risk Behavior Study and Prevention Needs Assessment3-27-13
2013-036Accesible Instructional Materials Training Resources3-27-13
2013-0352013-014 Grant Application and Report for Instructional Facilitators3-25-13
2013-034Teachers and Technology Mini-Grant Application and Manual3-25-13
2013-033Interest Survey for CCSS Expansion/ALT Standards Committee3-25-13
2013-032Wyoming Deaf-Blind Program announces SASI partnership with Texas Tech University3-25-13
2013-031Regional Conference on Sensory Disabilities3-18-13
2013-030Crisis Management for School-Based Incidents3-18-13
2013-029Update regarding Chapter 31 Rules and District Assessment System3-18-13
2013-028Professional Development: Teaching, Assessing Common Core Standards3-18-13
2013-027Hathaway Success Curriculum Requirements Update3-18-13
2013-026Wyoming granted ESEA waiver extension3-18-13
2013-025Blackboard Collaborate Session with Dr. Rose3-11-13
2013-024World Class Instructional Design and Assessment Trainings3-11-13
 2013-024 Attachment 
2013-023New Chapter 19 – Special Education Rules3-11-13
2013-022Douvas Memorial Scholarship3-11-13
 2013-022 Attachment (DOC format) 
2013-021Training for Spring 2013 WDE6843-11-13
2013-020Part B Application for Federal Special Education Funds3-11-13
2013-019Wyoming to Request Flexibility Waiver from ESEA Targets2-28-13
2013-018Common Career Technical Core (CCTC)2-25-13
 Common Career Technical Core (CCTC) 
2013-017Changes to WDE Finance Unit2-25-13
2013-016Recorded Blackboard Collaborate Session2-25-13
2013-015Panic Buttons For Schools2-25-13
 2013-015 Panic Buttons FAQ Attachment 
2013-014Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Grant Applications2-19-13
2013-013Blackboard Collaboration sessions with Dr. Rose2-19-13
2013-012University of Wyoming’s 2013 Summer MathematicsInstitute2-19-13
2013-011Student-to-Teacher ratio timeline and waiver process2-11-13
2013-010Youth Risk Behavior Survey Information2-11-13
2013-009Changes to the WDE614 and WDE618 Collections2-11-13
2013-008Introduction to Dr. Jim Rose2-6-13
2013-007Dispersal of the 2013-14 Wyoming Education Trust Fund Grant Application Package2-6-13
2013-006Interim Director of the Wyoming Department of Education – Dr. Jim Rose2-4-13
2013-005Wyoming Bridges Grant Applications1-28-13
 2013-005 Attachment A 
 2013-005 Attachment B 
2013-004Call for Applicants: National Youth Science Camp1-28-13
2013-003Chapter 18 Private Non-Religous Elementary and Secondary Schools Rules Revisions1-15-13
2013-002Alternate Schedule Timelines1-7-13
 2013-002 Attachment 
2013-001Second Annual Digital Learning Day1-7-13