Memos to Superintendents – 2011

2011-167Tydings Period Waiver Approval12-27-11
2011-166Public Hearings, Chapter 31 Rules12-23-11
2011-1652012 PAWS Administration and Training Resources12-19-11
2011-164WDE453 Data Collection, Instructional Foundations for Kindergarten (IF-K)12-14-11
2011-163ACCESS for ELLS 2012 Administration Training12-19-11
2011-162MOPI Tester Training12-19-11
2011-161ACCESS for ELLs Test Ordering Information12-13-11
2011-160 Questionable Experience Report12-13-11
2011-1592012 PAWS-ALT Administration Training12-13-11
2011-158Digital Learning Day12-13-11
2011-157WIDA CLIMBS Course12-13-11
2011-156Public Comment, Chapter 31 Rules12-07-11
2011-155Removal of Writing Assessment Scores12-01-11
2011-154WDE636 – WISE Disciplinary Actions and Crime and Violence Incidents12-05-11
2011-153WDE684, 683, and 602 Data Verification12-05-11
2011-152WDE713 – Post Secondary Options Collection12-05-11
2011-151WeTip Student Cards12-28-11
2011-150Wyoming Statewide Assessment Updates11-21-11
2011-148ACT Junior Testing Dates11-21-11
2011-147Special Education Model Forms11-21-11
2011-1462012 Career Technical Education Partnership Mini-grant Program11-21-11
2011-145Christopher Columbus Awards Program11-16-11
2011-144Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results Scheduled for Release11-16-11
2011-143District and Building PAWS Coordinators Pre-Administration Training11-16-11
2011-142“Living the Dream” Essay Contest11-16-11
2011-141Office of State Lands and Investment State Wide Logo Contest11-07-11
2011-140Calculation of 16-to-1 Student-to-Teacher ratios under W.S. 21-13-30711-07-11
2011-139Guidance on Preparation of Letters Requesting Waivers under W.S. 21-13-307(a)(iv)11-07-11
2011-138GEAR UP Wyoming Newsletter – Fall 2011 Edition11-07-11
2011-137Teachers & Technology Mini-Grant Application and Manual10-31-11
2011-136WIDA ELL Data Retreat10-31-11
2011-1352012 PAWS Standard Accommodations10-31-11
2011-134Purging of 2011 PearsonAccess Data and Materials10-17-11
2011-133Extending FY 2009 Funds Oblication Period for ESEA-Authorized Programs10-27-11
2011-132Giant Traveling Map of South America10-17-11
2011-131Wyoming Awarded Distance Education Grant10-17-11
2011-130Bullying Survey – Your Suggestions and Input10-10-11
2011-129Available Google SketchUp Pro Licenses10-10-11
2011-128ACT Junior Testing Dates10-06-11
2011-127National High School Cyber Defense Competition10-04-11
2011-126NCLB, Competitive Sub-grants to Eligible Partnerships09-19-11
2011-125NCLB, Competitive Sub-grants to Eligible Partnerships09-19-11
2011-12416:1 Class Size Information and Timeline09-19-11
2011-1232nd Annual Native American Education Conference09-19-11
2011-122School Improvement Plants09-19-11
2011-121WIDA Trainings09-12-11
2011-120October Certified Personnel Evaluation Training09-08-11
2011-119Model Policies Regarding Seclusion and Restraint in Schools09-06-11
2011-118NASA HUNCH Program09-06-11
2011-117Chapter 2 Minimum Standards, and Chapter 20 Reimbursement Rules09-06-11
2011-116WDE684A – WISE Teacher/Course/Student Data Collection09-06-11
2011-115Concussion Legislation09-06-11
2011-114WDE 602 School District Staff Member Collection09-06-11
2011-113Safety Training for Schools08-31-11
2011-112Chapter 42 Rules on Seclusion and Restraint in Schools08-25-11
2011-111The National Teachers Hall of Fame08-31-11
2011-1109th Grade ACT EXPLORE Test08-22-11
2011-109Change in the 2012 PAWS-ALT and Required Standard Setting08-17-11
2011-108Chapter 41- Distance Education08-15-11
2011-107ART Phase I Release08-11-11
2011-106Electronic Waste08-10-11
2011-105Common Core State Standards Transition Documents08-10-11
2011-104Director of Assessment08-01-11
2011-103Safe and Drug Free Schools08-01-11
2011-102Implementation of MAP Pilot07-26-11
2011-101Concussions and Youth Sports07-21-11
2011-1002011 PAWS and PAWS-ALT Individual Student Reports07-19-11
2011-0992011 WDE663-WISE Student Proficiency on Body of Evidence07-07-11
2011-098Average Statewide Meal Price Rates07-05-11
2011-097WEN Q&A Session: 2011 District and School Preliminary AYP Determiniations06-29-11
2011-0962011 District and School Preliminary AYP Determinations07-27-11
2011-095PAWS Confidential Reports now available06-22-11
2011-094Student Safety06-20-11
2011-093Insert to Release for the Use of Media and Information06-20-11
2011-092Model Policies and Compliance with Recent Legislation06-20-11
2011-091PAWS Student Level Report now available06-16-11
2011-090McREL Seeks District Partners for Research Alliances06-01-11
2011-089Funding Cancelled for Byrd Scholarship Program06-01-11
2011-088OSEP Verification Visit06-01-11
2011-087Submission of WDE-527 – Bridges Extended Day Report06-01-11
2011-086WEN Video Training: WDE53706-01-11
2011-085WDE638 – Certified Course Inventory Data Collection05-23-11
2011-084ACT EXPLORE Test Moved to 9th Grade05-23-11
2011-083Summer Camp Announcement05-23-11
2011-082Senate Page Announcement – Senator Enzi’s Office05-23-11
2011-081WGA/SER Energy Institute for Teachers05-23-11
2011-080WDE Reading Success Institutes05-23-11
2011-0792011 WDE950 – Wyoming Transcript Collection05-23-11
2011-078PAWS-ALT Item, Bias and Data Reviews05-23-11
2011-077Additional Guidance on HEA 98 Requirements Concerning 16:105-18-11
2011-076AYP – Exception Requests to Exceed the 1% PAWS-ALT Cap05-16-11
2011-075Wyoming Accountability in Education Act, SEA9005-16-11
2011-074E-Waste Disposal05-16-11
2011-073EPA Webinars05-16-11
2011-072WEN Video Training: WDE 10605-16-11
2011-071FY10 Title I 1003(a) School Improvement Grant05-16-11
2011-070PAWS Item, Data, and Bias Review Projects05-16-11
2011-069GEAR UP Newsletter05-16-11
2011-068ACCESS for ELLs reports now available on Fusion04-25-11
2011-067WEN Video Training: WDE 103 and WDE 40105-09-11
2011-066Teton Best Practices Institute: Registration Open05-09-11
2011-065Award Letter for Financial Supplemental Assistance for Instructional Facilitators05-09-11
2011-064Coaching for Student Success: A Literacy Conference05-09-11
2011-063Elimination of School Grade Configuration Guidelines05-02-11
2011-0622011 Early Literacy Assessment Summer Trainings05-02-11
2011-061E-Waste Disposal05-02-11
2011-060WIDA Institute05-02-11
2011-059WDE Leadership Symposium05-02-11
2011-058Wyoming Content and Performance Standards Revisions: Public Comment Period05-09-11
2011-057Competitive Grant Application for Equipment Assistance04-25-11
2011-056WDE652 WISE School District Staff Member Collection04-20-11
2011-055WDE626 Early Literacy Training Longitudinal Data Collection04-18-11
2011-054WIDA Workshop: Scaffolding and Assessing the Reading of English Learners04-18-11
2011-053Anti-Bullying School Safety Initiative04-18-11
2011-052WIDA Webinar: Score Interpretation04-08-11
2011-051Chapter 41: Distance Education04-08-11
2011-050HEA 98 Requirements Concerning 16:1 Ratios04-05-11
2011-049Annual WDE Summer Camp04-04-11
2011-048CPES Submissions and Program Updates04-01-11
2011-047WDE 588 – School Technology Survey Data Collection04-01-11
2011-046Senate Enrolled Act 90 Advisory Committee03-28-11
2011-045Guidance on HEA 98 Requirements03-28-11
2011-044Grant Application and Report for IFs03-25-11
2011-043Douvas Memorial Scholarship03-25-11
2011-042Wyoming Teacher of the Year03-25-11
2011-041L363 Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning03-25-11
 2011-041 Attachment 1: FEMA Flyer 
 2011-041 Attachment 2: Course Summary 
 2011-041 Attachment 3: Registration Information 
2011-040Top Five Safety Concerns03-25-11
2011-03921st Century Community Learning Centers APR Requirements03-25-11
2011-038Every Student Counts: Embargoed Release and Data Collection03-25-11
2011-037National Child ID Program03-25-11
2011-036Enrolled Act 98 – Recalibration, Block Grant Model03-25-11
2011-035State Superintendent’s Talent Pool03-18-11
2011-034WIDA Workshop: Scaffolding Academic Language03-11-11
2011-033Standards Review Content Committee Meetings03-11-11
2011-032WEN Video Training: WDE600 and WDE60103-11-11
2011-031Public Comment, Application for Part B Federal Special Education Funds03-04-11
2011-030Wyoming Bridges Grant Applications02-25-11
2011-029Language Arts Content Committee Meeting02-25-11
2011-028PAWS Traffic Signal Project and Writing Scoring Institute02-25-11
2011-027National Youth Science Camp02-25-11
2011-026State Archive Changes to Transcript Requests02-25-11
2011-0255th Annual Leadership Symposium: Call for Proposals02-25-11
2011-024Proper Disposal of PCB-Containing Fluorescent Light Ballasts02-18-11
2011-0232011 Spring WDE684 – WISE Teacher/Course Student Data Collection02-18-11
2011-022Art Contest for Students with Disabilities02-18-11
2011-021Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Application02-18-11
2011-020Panasonic National School Change Awards02-11-11
2011-019ING Unsung Heroes – Rewarding Excellence in America’s Schools02-11-11
2011-0182011 PAWS Recommended Testing Times02-11-11
2011-017Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Applications02-11-11
2011-0162010 PAWS Banking of Scores02-04-11
2011-0152011 PAWS Test Administration Information02-04-11
2011-014Free Application of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Workshops02-04-11
2011-013WDE-673 Wyoming State Assessment System Exemption Request01-28-11
2011-012WIDA Workshop: Differentiation and Assessment of English Learners01-28-11
2011-011Spring 2011 School Improvement Conference Offerings01-28-11
2011-010Town Hall Meetings01-21-11
2011-009Train-the-Trainer Workshops01-28-11
2011-008School Safety Committee Recommendations01-21-11
2011-007ART (Assessment Resource Tool) Road Show01-14-11
2011-006Chapter 29 Rules – Certified Personnel Evaluation Systems01-14-11
2011-005School Year 2010-11 Questionable Experience Report Release01-14-11
2011-004Distance Education Advisory Panel Meetings01-14-11
2011-003GEAR UP Wyoming Newsletter01-14-11
2011-0022010 PAWS Released Items Available01-07-11
2011-001PAWS 2011 Administration Guidelines01-07-11