Memos to Superintendents – 2010

2010-229Isolation Payment Amount for 201112-22-10
2010-228Common Core State Standards/Paws Crosswalk12-22-10
2010-227Dispersal of the 2011-2012 Wyoming Education Trust Fund Grant Application Package12-22-10
2010-226Alternative Schedule Timelines12-22-10
2010-225Common Core State Standards/PAWS Crosswalk12-17-10
2010-224Live Streaming of Inauguration12-16-10
2010-223Use of Text to Speech: A Standard Accommodation for the Administration of the 2011 Proficiency Assessments for Wyoming Students (PAWS)12-10-10
2010-222The Wyoming Chapter of ARMA – Two Scholarships12-10-10
2010-2212011-2012 Distance Education Grant (DEG) Release12-10-10
2010-220Civility Matters! The Decline of Legislative Civility—But Not in Wyoming12-03-10
2010-219Supporting our Troops in Afghanistan12-03-10
2010-218Stop Smoking QUIT NOW Series12-03-10
2010-217Accessing Comprehension and Communication in English State to State for English Language Learners (ACCESS for ELLs®) 2011 Administration Training12-03-10
2010-216Policy Requirements for Special Education12-03-10
2010-215Common Core State Standards for Mathematics Webinar12-03-10
2010-214School Year 2010-11 National Board Certified Teacher Reimbursement12-03-10
2010-213Panasonic National School Change Awards12-03-10
2010-212Adequate Yearly Progress Graduation Rate Determination Changes11-22-10
2010-2112010 District and School Preliminary AYP Determinations11-19-10
2010-210Senior WorkKeys Assessment11-19-10
2010-209Supporting our Troops in Afghanistan11-19-10
2010-208Wyoming History Day Workshop11-19-10
2010-2072011-2012 Hathaway Success Curriculum (HSC) Course Verification11-19-10
2010-2062009-10 Graduation Rate Data Verification Process11-19-10
2010-205World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) Formative Assessment Workshop11-12-10
2010-204District and Building PAWS Coordinator Pre-Administration Training11-12-10
2010-203PAWS 2010 Results on PearsonAccess11-12-10
2010-202Living the Dream‖ Essay Contest11-12-10
2010-2012010-2011 Title IID Competitive Grant11-12-10
2010-200WDE 591 – Distance Education Milestones Report11-12-10
2010-199Banking 10th grade PAWS scores11-05-10
2010-198Teachers & Technology Mini-Grant Application and Manual11-05-10
2010-197Federal Letter to Educational Colleagues11-05-10
2010-196Banking of 10th Grade PAWS Results Alan Moore10-29-10
2010-1952011 PAWS Standard Accommodations10-29-10
2010-194Purging of 2010 PearsonAccess Data and Materials10-29-10
2010-19321st Century Community Learning Centers (21 CCLC) Grant Application10-29-10
2010-192Chapter 30 – Registration Licensing Post Secondary Degree Granting Institutions10-29-10
2010-191Giant Map of North America10-29-10
2010-190Distance Education Proposed Changes10-22-10
2010-189Foreign Language Content Committee Meeting10-22-10
2010-188Chapter 8 – School Foundation Program10-22-10
2010-187Educational Sign Language Interpreter Permit10-22-10
2010-186Childhood Vaccines: A Parent’s Perspective Survey10-15-10
2010-185Highly Qualified Title I Teachers10-15-10
2010-184No Child Left Behind, Competitive Sub-grants to Eligible Partnerships AND Math and Science Partnership (MSP) Program10-15-10
2010-183No Child Left Behind, Competitive Sub-grants to Eligible Partnerships AND Teacher/Leader Quality Partnership Grants10-15-10
2010-182PAWS Individual Student Reports10-15-10
2010-181Wyoming School-University Partnership – In Praise of Education Conference, Casper, Wyoming November 4-5, 201010-15-10
2010-180Information regarding the OSEP Verification Visit10-15-10
2010-179Access to PAWS Reports on PearsonAccess10-08-10
2010-1782011 Proficiency Assessments for Wyoming Students – Alternate (PAWS-ALT) Training Requirements and Updates10-08-10
2010-176Federal Education Jobs09-30-10
2010-175English Language Proficiency Standards Training10-01-10
2010-174Compulsory School Attendance10-01-10
2010-173Educational Services for Students Placed Outside a Conventional School Setting10-01-10
2010-172Fall 2010 SIS Users Conference10-01-10
2010-1712010 Wyoming School Health Profiles Principal and Lead Education Teacher Survey Full Results Released10-01-10
2010-170Geography Awareness Week Poster Contest09-24-10
2010-1692010-2011 Accreditation Information09-24-10
2010-168WDE-453 Data Collection, Instructional Foundations for Kindergarten (IF-K)09-24-10
2010-167WDE667 Requests for Alternate Assessment 2011 Proficiency Assessments for Wyoming Students – Alternate (PAWS-ALT)09-24-10
2010-166Light the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree09-17-10
2010-165American Traffic Safety Services Foundation Poster Contest09-17-10
2010-164Prudential Spirit of Community Awards09-17-10
2010-163International Education: Striving for a Sustainable Future09-17-10
2010-1622011 PAWS-ALT Administration and Scoring Trainings09-17-10
2010-161WDE664 Special Forms Requests 2011 Proficiency Assessments for Wyoming Students (PAWS)09-17-10
2010-160Giant Map of Asia09-10-10
2010-159Wyoming Latina Youth Conference09-10-10
2010-158Mathematics Content Committee Meetings09-10-10
2010-157Instructional Facilitator (IF) Updates09-10-10
2010-156Language Arts Content Committee Meeting09-10-10
2010-155Constitution Day09-10-10
2010-154School Safety Anonymous Tip Line (WeTip)09-03-10
2010-153Common Core Curriculum Mapping Project09-03-10
2010-152Selection Taxonomy for English Language Learner Accommodations (STELLA)09-03-10
2010-151Report on Effects of 2010 PAWS Administration Irregularities on Students Scores08-27-10
2010-149Fall 2010 WDE684 – WISE Teacher/Course/Student Data Collection08-27-10
2010-148WDE-626/Early Literacy Plan Requirements/Trainings08-27-10
2010-147Fall 2010 WEN VIDEO TRAINING WDE602 WISE School District Staff Member Collection08-27-10
2010-146GEAR UP Wyoming Newsletter – Fall 2010 Edition08-27-10
2010-145WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test™ (W-APT™)08-27-10
2010-144Dealing with Data Forms – Fall 2010 WEN Video Training08-23-10
2010-143WDE638 – Course Inventory Data Collection08-23-10
2010-142EXPLORE Tests Ordering Process for 2010-2011 School Year08-23-10
2010-141Chapter 33 Rules – Wyoming Bridges Summer School and Extended Day Grant Program08-23-10
2010-140Chapter 29 Rules for Certified Personnel Evaluation Systems08-23-10
2010-139Wyoming Youth Congress on Children & Nature08-23-10
2010-138Wyoming Jump$tart Coalition for Financial Literacy Youth Conference08-23-10
2010-137Change to Superintendents’ Day 2010 Location08-20-10
2010-136Gifted & Talented Programs – A Recalibration Survey08-13-10
2010-135All Superintendents’ Day Reminder08-13-10
2010-134Dealing with Data Forms – Fall 2010 WEN Video Training08-13-10
2010-133Spring 2011 ACCESS for ELLs® Administration08-06-10
2010-1322010 PAWS-ALT Individual Student Reports and The Complete Guide to the 2010 PAWS–ALT Student Report08-06-10
2010-1312010 PAWS Results07-30-10
2010-130Fine and Performing Arts Content Committee Meeting – Music07-30-10
2010-129Health Education Content Committee Meetings07-30-10
2010-128Changes to the 239 Reporting Requirements07-30-10
2010-127Summer Camp Announcement07-16-10
2010-126Federal Racial and Ethnic Reporting Requirements for 2010-1107-09-10
2010-125Fine and Performing Arts Content Committee Meetings07-09-10
2010-124Adoption of the Common Core State Standards07-02-10
2010-123K-12 Facility Energy Efficiency Retrofit and Renewable Demonstration Program07-02-10
2010-122AYP Waiver Request07-02-10
2010-121Wyoming Bridges End of Program Report (WDE-537)06-25-10
2010-120WDE663-WISE Student Proficiency on Body of Evidence06-25-10
2010-119August SRO Conference06-18-10
2010-118WDE-626/Early Literacy Plan Training06-18-10
2010-117Average Statewide Meal Price Rates06-18-10
2010-116Summer 2010 WDE684-WISE Teacher/Course/Student Data Collection06-11-10
2010-115Auditorium and Theatre Safety06-11-10
2010-114WDE950 – Graduating Student Transcript Data Collection06-04-10
2010-113Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Data Sharing with NorthWest Evaluation Association (NWEA)05-28-10
2010-112Recalibration WDE633-School Vacancy and Applicant Information05-28-10
2010-111Data Results: Instructional Foundations for Kindergarten (IF-K)05-28-10
2010-110Hathaway-Approved High School Transcripts05-28-10
2010-109Wyoming Stream Team Summer 2010 Workshop05-14-10
2010-108PAWS Item and Bias Review Project05-14-10
2010-107PAWS Data Review Project05-14-10
2010-106Compulsory School Attendance05-14-10
2010-105Teachers & Technology Mini-Grant Application and Manual05-14-10
2010-104Charges to NCS Pearson for Districts’ Overtime Costs05-07-10
2010-103Current Status of the WDE652 Education File and Future Requirements for the WDE602 Education File Moving Forward05-07-10
2010-102Wyoming Bridges Summer Student Data Collection05-07-10
2010-101Award Letter for 2010-2011 Financial Supplemental Assistance for Instructional Facilitators (IF’s)04-30-10
2010-100All Superintendents’ Day05-21-10
2010-099Upcoming Summer Literacy Trainings04-30-10
2010-0981003 (g) School Improvement Funds Application and Intent to Apply04-30-10
2010-097Statewide Town Hall Meeting04-30-10
2010-096Chapter 33 Rules – Wyoming Bridges Summer School and Extended Day Grant Program04-30-10
2010-095Release of the List of Schools Eligible for Title I 1003 g School Improvement funds05-03-10
2010-094Dealing with Data Forms – spring 2010 WEN Video Training04-23-10
2010-093PAWS Settlement Letter04-23-10
2010-092Accreditation Information04-23-10
2010-0914th Annual Wyoming Special Education Leadership Symposium, Call for Proposals04-23-10
2010-090Project MASTERY: Teaching Challenging Academic Curriculum to Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities04-23-10
2010-089Quantum Learning Training for Teachers in Grades 7-12, Cheyenne, Wyoming: August 2-6, 201004-23-10
2010-088WDE-626 Early Literacy Longitudinal Data Collection04-23-10
2010-087Expenditure Reporting on the WDE-62604-23-10
2010-086Implementing Reading Assessment and Intervention Programs (W.S. 21-3-401)04-23-10
2010-085Repealed Rules: Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 15, and Chapter 2804-23-10
2010-084Recalibration: WDE715-District School Board and Staff Contact Information04-16-10
2010-083May 2010 WDE652 – WISE School District Staff Member Collection School Year 2009-201004-16-10
2010-082Wyoming Special Education Leadership Symposium04-16-10
2010-081Application for Wyoming System of Instructional Supports (WySIS): Integrating RtI and PBIS – Due May 14th04-16-10
2010-080Chapter 32 Rules for Governing Charter Schools04-16-10
2010-079Collaborating to Meet the Academic Needs of ELLs Workshop04-16-10
2010-078WDE591 – Distance Education Milestones Report04-16-10
2010-077Data Collection Forum04-09-10
2010-076PAWS Concerns Shared with USED04-09-10
2010-0752010-2011 Lions International Peace Poster contest – Vision of Peace04-09-10
2010-074Student Name Entry Standards04-02-10
2010-073GEAR UP Wyoming Newsletter – Winter 2010 Edition04-02-10
2010-072WIDA English Language Proficiency Standards Alignment Meeting04-02-10
2010-071Nominations of Participants for the Mathematics and Language Arts Standards Review Content Committees04-02-10
2010-0702010-2011 Distance Education Grant (DEG) Release04-02-10
2010-069Postsecondary Distance Learning Plans04-02-10
2010-068Superintendents’ Participation in PAWS Technical Advisory Committee Meeting03-30-10
2010-067Chapter 7 Rules – Services for Children with Disabilities03-26-10
2010-066NWEA MAP (Survey)03-26-10
2010-065Wyoming Department of Education Seeking Feedback on the Common Core State Standards03-26-10
2010-064WEN Video Training, WISE/Spring 2010 WDE-600 and WDE-60103-26-10
2010-0632010 U.S. Capitol Ornaments03-26-10
2010-062Anonymous Tip Line Webinar Training Available03-26-10
2010-061Academies/Small Learning Communities Conference03-26-10
2010-060Interviews with Wyoming Governors03-26-10
2010-0592010-2011 Grant Application and Report for Supplemental Financial Assistance for Instructional Facilitators03-19-10
2010-058Spring 2010 WDE684 – WISE Teacher / Course / Student Data Collection03-19-10
2010-057Art Contest for Students with Disabilities, Winners Announced03-19-10
2010-056Immunizations Exemptions D.03-12-10
2010-055Education Services for Students Placed Outside a Conventional School Setting03-12-10
2010-054National Financial Capability Challenge 201003-12-10
2010-053Wyoming Bridges Grant Applications03-12-10
2010-052Public Drafts of the K-12 Common Core State Standards03-12-10
2010-051Student Enrichment Project Grant Application03-12-10
2010-050WDE 588 School Technology Survey Data Collection03-12-10
2010-049WDE and the CTE Course Sequence and Program03-12-10
2010-048Potential PAWS Assessment Delay03-05-10
2010-047Wyoming Teacher of the Year03-05-10
2010-046ACT State Test and Makeup Test03-05-10
2010-045Data Collection Forum03-05-10
2010-044Educational Sign Language Interpreter Permit03-05-10
2010-043Body of Evidence Peer Review 201002-26-10
2010-042PBS Teachers Innovation Challenge02-26-10
2010-041WIDA English Language Proficiency Standards Alignment Study02-26-10
2010-040Proficiency Assessments for Wyoming Students- Proctor Caching02-24-10
2010-039PAWS Traffic Signal Project and Writing Scoring Institute02-26-10
2010-038Spring 2010 WISE Data Collections Schedule02-26-10
2010-037Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Applications02-26-10
2010-036Seclusions and Restraints02-19-10
2010-035Chapter 29 Rules for Certified Personnel Evaluation Systems02-19-10
2010-034Preliminary Results: Instructional Foundations for Kindergarten02-19-10
2010-0332010 School Safety Initiative02-19-10
2010-032Documentation of Financial Practices for Federal Funds02-19-10
2010-031Census 2010: Classroom Resources02-12-10
2010-030Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program02-12-10
2010-029Data Collection Forum02-12-10
2010-0282010 PAWS Test Administration Information02-05-10
2010-027Douvas Memorial Scholarship (First Generation American Scholarship)02-05-10
2010-0262010 Online PAWS Standard Accommodations Training02-05-10
2010-025Title I 1003 g School Improvement Funds Waiver Requests02-05-10
2010-024Systematic Instruction to Access the General Curriculum for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities02-05-10
2010-023Wyoming Bridges Workshop

2010-022Quantum Learning Training for Teachers in Grades 7-1202-05-10
2010-021Chapter 38 Rules – Hathaway Scholarship Program02-05-10
2010-020Nominations of Participants for the Standards Review Content Committees02-05-10
2010-019Parent Resource Notes

2010-018Dispersal of the 2010-2011 Wyoming Education Trust Fund Grant Application Package01-29-10
2010-017Alternative Schedule Timelines-01-29-10
2010-016Survey of Preschool (Birth to Five) Services01-29-10
2010-015Section 619 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 Joe Simpson 01-29-102010-014 Free NWEA MAP Webinars01-22-10
2010-013Giant Map of Asia01-15-10
2010-012Data Collection Forum01-15-10
2010-011WDE-673 Wyoming State Assessment System Exemption Request01-15-10
2010-010Infinite Campus User Conference01-08-10
2010-009Waiver request for AMAO 1 to US Department of Education01-08-10
2010-008Bridges Grant Fund Balances01-08-10
2010-007Professional Development for Reading Instruction01-08-10
2010-006Wyoming’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Comprehensive Blueprint01-08-10
2010-005PowerSchool User Conference01-08-10
2010-004Webinar Training Available01-08-10
2010-003Race to the Top (RTTT) Grant01-04-10
2010-002Clarification of Hospitalized or Homebound Instruction01-08-10
2010-001Repealed Rules for Chapters 10, 11, 12, 15, and 2801-08-10