Memos to Superintendents – 2008

2008-187BOE Peer Review Attendance Schedule12-12-08
2008-1862009-10 Hathaway Success Curriculum Course Verification12-12-08
2008-185PAWS Standard Accommodations12-12-08
2008-184Wyoming Teachers Develop Lincoln Lesson Plans12-12-08
2008-183Content and Performance Standards12-12-08
2008-182Selection process for National Youth Science Camp Delegates12-12-08
2008-181Library of Congress Grant Funding12-05-08
2008-180National Child ID Program12-05-08
2008-179Phase II Training Requirements PAWS-ALT12-05-08
2008-178Chapter 33 Wyoming Bridges Summer School Final Rules12-05-08
2008-177Distance Education Grant Release12-05-08
2008-176Martin Luther King Day Essay Contest12-05-08
2008-175Fraud Detection Workshop11-28-08
2008-174Body of Evidence Peer Reviewer Nominations11-28-08
2008-173PAWS District and Building Coordinator Administration11-21-08
2008-172Distance Education Update11-14-08
2008-1712008-09 National Board Certified Teacher Reimbursement11-14-08
2008-170Chapter 8 Rules11-01-08
2008-169District Technology Plan Changes and Updates10-16-08
2008-168Interstate Mining Compact Commission Mineral Education Award10-31-08
2008-167Free Workshop Available For Teachers10-17-08
2008-166WDE Response to Dept of Audit re: Statewide Staffing Audit10-17-08
2008-1652008 School Health Profiles Survey Results10-17-08
2008-164The National Teachers Hall of Fame10-17-08
2008-163Preparation for the 2009 YRBS10-10-08
2008-162NCLB Math and Science Partnership Program10-10-08
2008-161NCLB Competitive Sub-grants and Leader Quality Partnership Grants10-10-08
2008-160Short Delay for the National Child ID Kits10-10-08
2008-159America’s Safe Schools Week10-10-08
2008-158Elementary School Interactive Fire Education CD10-10-08
2008-157Re-release of the Title II-D EETT Competitive Grant10-10-08
2008-156Chapter 41: Rules for Distance Education10-10-08
2008-1552008 Wyoming School Health Profiles Survey Results10-03-08
2008-154President’s Environmental Youth Award10-03-08
2008-153Low Income Energy Assistance Available10-03-08
2008-152Requests for Alternate Assessment WDE 667 PAWS-ALT10-03-08
2008-151Harcourt File Center10-03-08
2008-150Reminder on School Grade Reconfiguration Process10-03-08
2008-149The 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)10-03-08
2008-148Chapter 38: Hathaway Scholarship Rules, and Chapter 4: Food Service Rules09-26-08
2008-147Teachers & Technology Mini-Grant Application and Manual09-26-08
2008-145Web-based Resource Tools Access09-26-08
2008-144Administration and Scoring Trainings for the PAWS-ALT09-19-08
2008-143Chapter 41 Emergency Rules09-19-08
2008-142Assurance of Constitutionally Protected Prayer in Public Schools09-18-08
2008-141Wyoming Instructional Facilitator Evaluation09-19-08
2008-140Input/Recommendations: Teacher Performance Evaluation System09-19-08
2008-139Web-based Resource Tools Transition Update09-19-08
2008-138Embargoed Every Student Counts Release09-19-08
2008-137Free Workshop Available for Teachers09-19-08
2008-136Workplace Safety Poster Contest09-19-08
2008-135Free Fire Safety Learning CD09-19-08
2008-134November 2008 Workshops09-19-08
2008-133Read for the Record09-19-08
2008-132PAWS Writing Results09-08-08
2008-131Educational Services for Students Placed Outside a Conventional School Setting09-05-08
2008-130Importance of After School Programming09-05-08
2008-129WDE684 WEN Training09-05-08
2008-128WDE607 WEN Training09-05-08
2008-127PAWS Student and Home Reports08-29-08
2008-126Dealing with Data Forms08-29-08
2008-123Draft Content and Performance Standards08-29-08
2008-121Information Collected During Summer Break08-29-08
2008-120Wyoming Healthy Student Success Model Open Application Period08-29-08
2008-119Horatio Alger Wyoming Scholarship Program08-22-08
2008-118Grade Weighting Policy Recommendation and Hathaway GPA Requirements08-22-08
2008-117Jump Rope for Heart/Hoops for Heart08-22-08
2008-116ACT and WorkKeys Online Registration Process08-22-08
2008-115Reporting of Rental Income from Pre-Schools08-22-08
2008-114DIBELS Follow-up WEN Video Training08-22-08
2008-113Cyber Bullying08-22-08
2008-112National Child ID Program08-15-08
2008-111Quantum Learning for Teachers Workshop08-15-08
2008-110PAWS and PAWS-ALT Student Reports and Parent Letters Distribution08-15-08
2008-109Legal Opinion on Age for Kindergarten Enrollment08-15-08
2008-108Chapter 4 Emergency Rules – Food Service Operations08-15-08
2008-107School Safety Anonymous Tip Line08-08-08
2008-106Revisions to Preliminary AYP Results08-01-08
2008-103Draft Content and Performance Standards07-18-08
2008-102Chapter 8 Emergency Rules07-18-08
2008-101Wyoming Funding Model Guidebook07-18-08
2008-100Body of Evidence Peer Review07-18-08
2008-097Healthy Student Success Model Open Application Period07-18-08
2008-096Chapter 33 Rules07-18-08
2008-0952006-07 PAWS Reading Score Revisions07-11-08
2008-09421 CCLC Grant Application07-11-08
2008-093Immediate Isolation Payment Adjustment07-11-08
2008-092Distance Education Notification06-27-08
2008-091Fulbright Teacher Exchange06-27-08
2008-090Average Statewide Meal Price Rates06-20-08
2008-089Chapter 3806-13-08
2008-088Video Conferencing Subscription06-06-08
2008-087Tandberg Video Conferencing Equipment06-06-08
2008-086Web-based Resource Tools Transition Update06-06-08
2008-085Quantum Learning Training06-06-08
2008-084Title II-D Competitive Grant RFP Release06-06-08
2008-083PSAT/NMSQT Registration and Instructions06-06-08
2008-082Wyoming Youth Challenge Program06-06-08
2008-081Early Release of Graduating High School Seniors05-23-08
2008-080AYP Exception Requests to Exceed the 1.0 Percent PAWS-ALT05-23-08
2008-079Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading & Spelling Training05-16-08
2008-078Statewide Pandemic Influenza Response Exercise05-16-08
2008-077Ellbogen Institute for Educational Leadership and Advocacy05-16-08
2008-07621 CCLC Grant Competition Timeline05-16-08
2008-074Competitive Grants Request for Proposals05-16-08
2008-073Statewide Elementary Education Distance Program05-09-08
2008-072Teacher Certification in Rural K-8 Schools05-09-08
2008-071Duplicate Dropout ID and Grad Rate Data Access05-09-08
2008-070WDE602 and WDE65205-09-08
2008-069Scientifically Based Reading Research05-02-08
2008-068Distance Education Grant Program Release05-02-08
2008-067Web-based Resource Tools Transition05-02-08
2008-066Participation in the Statewide WARN System05-02-08
2008-065Available Emergency Management for Schools Training05-02-08
2008-064National Governors Association Graduation Rate Compact05-02-08
2008-062Wyoming’s 10th Annual Summer Institute04-25-08
2008-061After-School Professional Development04-25-08
2008-060Quantum Learning Training04-21-08
2008-059Dealing with Data Forms04-18-08
2008-057NCLB, Sub-Grants to Partnerships04-11-08
2008-055School Safety Anonymous Tip Line04-11-08
2008-054WISE Data Collection Training Reminder04-11-08
2008-053Community Juvenile Services Program04-11-08
2008-052Distance Education Program Legislation04-04-08
2008-051Implementation of Senate Enrolled Act 36, 08 Legislative Session04-04-08
2008-050WY Special Education Leadership Symposium04-04-08
2008-049Student Enrichment Pilot Project Grant Application04-04-08
2008-04807-08 Instructional Facilitators Annual Report and 08-09 Grant Application03-28-08
2008-046BOE Peer Reviews03-28-08
2008-045Wyoming Bridges Grant Applications03-21-08
2008-044Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program03-21-08
2008-043Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation03-21-08
2008-042School Safety Summit03-21-08
2008-041Energy Hog Program for WY Elementary Schools03-14-08
2008-040Growth Models03-14-08
2008-039Application to the Wyoming Teacher Policy Institute03-14-08
2008-038PBIS Applications Being Accepted03-07-08
2008-037Teacher Shortage Areas03-07-08
2008-036WDE684 Data Correction Timeline02-29-08
2008-035PAWS Standard Accommodations Addendum02-29-08
2008-034Pearson Acquisition of Harcourt Assessment02-29-08
2008-033Proposed Chapter 38 Rules02-29-08
2008-032Trust Fund Grant Application Package02-29-08
2008-031Response to Intervention Implementation Sites02-29-08
2008-030Douvas Memorial Scholarship02-29-08
2008-028PAWS Test Administration and Accommodation Online Trainings02-22-08
2008-027USDA Recall of Ground Beef02-22-08
2008-026Confidentiality of Free and Reduced Meal Information02-22-08
2008-025State Superintendent’s Talent Pool02-22-08
2008-024Teaching Ambassador Fellowship Program02-22-08
2008-021Summer Learning Workshop April02-08-08
2008-020Service Learning Workshop02-08-08
2008-019WDE600 WEN Video Training02-08-08
2008-018WDE653 WEN Video Training02-08-08
2008-017ARMA Scholarships02-08-08
2008-016Data Collection Forum02-01-08
2008-015Letter to JEC and Summary of School Finance Court Decision02-01-08
2008-014Wyoming Teacher of the Year02-01-08
2008-013Chapter 38 Rules02-01-08
2008-012Chapter 38 Emergency Rules: Hathaway Scholarship Program01-25-08
2008-010PAWS-DIBELS Correlation Study01-25-08
2008-009Alternative Schedule Timelines01-25-08
2008-008PEP Talk: Phase II01-18-08
2008-006NCLB, Sub-grants to Partnerships01-11-08
2008-004Immediate Isolation Payment Adjustment01-04-08
2008-003Racially-Motivated Harassment and Violence in Public Schools01-04-08
2008-002PAWS-ALT Administration and Scoring Trainings01-04-08
2008-001Title III AMAOs01-04-08