Classroom Connectivity Initiative

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Student/Teacher Resources Team Supervisor
Laurel Ballard
(307) 777-8715

The Wyoming Classroom Connectivity Initiative is a coordinated effort to help improve school Wi-Fi access by providing school districts with technical assistance and professional development. The Initiative is a joint effort between the Office of the Governor, the Wyoming Department of Education, the Department of Enterprise Technology Services, and EducationSuperHighway—a national nonprofit focused on upgrading Internet access in K-12 schools across the country.

According to EducationSuperHighway’s “2015 State of the States” report, Wyoming currently ranks first in the nation in classroom broadband connectivity with 100% of school districts meeting the Federal Communications Commission’s 100 kbps per student bandwidth goal for digital learning. Nationwide, 77% of school districts currently meet the minimum standard. The Initiative is focused on ensuring that schools are equipped with the Wi-Fi connections necessary to ensure online learning can reach students’ devices, a critical next step in bringing 21st Century learning to Wyoming.The Connectivity Initiative will also allow the state take full advantage of  available federal E-rate dollars for Wi-Fi. Initially the state worked to gain a better understanding of Wyoming school district Wi-Fi needs. The results of that investigation helped design a program to remove obstacles and ensure that every school receives targeted support.

Upcoming Professional Development/Technical Assistance

Webinar #1: 150 Reasons to Upgrade Your Internal Networks
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Description: Learn how to use E-rate Category 2 Funds to improve classroom connectivity:

  • Understand your available E-rate Category 2 funding of up to $150/student
  • Get up to date on technology standards and best practices for planning your K-12 Wi-Fi and WLAN network
Webinar #2: E-rate Category 2 Procurement Masterclass
Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Description: Learn how to maximize your Category 2 procurement options:

  • Prepare your E-rate Form 470 / RFP
  • Learn about vendors / VARs that can support you
  • Understand potential costs and pricing for your network upgrade
Webinar #3: Smart Guide to Category 2 Bid Evaluation
Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Description: Tips and best practices to get your internal network upgrade funded through E-rate

  • Evaluate your upgrade options
  • Drive buy-in for your upgrade amongst district leadership

Past Professional Development/Technical Assistance Opportunities

E-rate Workshops Presented by Clementina Jimenez 

The Wyoming Department of Education and the Department of Enterprise Technology Services hosted the following workshops to ensure that districts are aware of federal funds available through the Universal Service Administrative Company’s (USAC) E-rate program. Workshop recordings:

Webinar: Category 2 Q&A: The basics and beyond: The one-stop shop for anyone applying for Category 2 this funding cycle.

Webinar: Submitting Your Form 471: Choosing a bid winner and submission help.

Webinar: Evaluating RFP Responses: Tips and tricks for working with vendors to get the best solution at the best price.

Webinar: Category 2 Q&A: Ask an expert!: Everything from your district’s funding and procurement options to RFP best practices.

Webinar: Evaluating Your RFP Responses: Tips and tricks for working with vendors to get the best solution at the best price

Webinar: Maximizing Your Procurement Options: Learn when, where, and how to submit your 470s and RFPs to ensure the greatest response

Webinar: Category 2 RFP Deep Dive: Detailed walk through of a simple, consistent template for internal network upgrades

Webinar: Preparing Your RFP: What to include in your network upgrade bid

Webinar: Funding Your Upgrade: Understanding the cost of upgrading your internal networks and the E-rate Category 2 funding available

Webinar: Improving School Wi-Fi Networks

Wyoming Classroom Connectivity Launch Roadshow

Useful Links and Resources

School WiFi Buyer’s Guide: Learn about wireless solutions and build your RFP requirements list.

Compare and Connect: Find out what other school districts are buying to support digital learning.

Network Essentials for Superintendents

Governor’s Press Release for Wyoming Classroom Connectivity Initiative

E-rate Category 2 Estimator