School Climate and Related Areas

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Under this section, the Wyoming Department of Education provides feedback and technical assistance on school climate matters that include, but are not limited to, anti-bullying grant information and anti-bullying resources (both cyber and in-person), suicide prevention information and resources, hazardous materials, school playground issues, statutory requirements for epinephrine auto injectors, and common influencing agents on school climate. In addition, information is available on the Home School requirements, the Douvas Scholarship, the Presidential Scholars Program, and the United States Senate Youth Scholarship.

Positive School Climate Grant

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) offers competitive grants that support anti-bullying and positive school climate efforts. Any school can apply for up to $9,000 to be used in the 2019-20 school year. Districts can apply for more than one school. No local funding is required. The grant application is due on May 3, 2019. Initial award announcements will be made in late May or early June.

Suicide Prevention Resources

School Facility Hazardous Materials Guidelines

Bullying Prevention Resources

Sample of Readily Available Training


  • Big Brothers Big Sisters helps children realize their potential and build their futures.
  • Paxunited offers peer-to-peer focused mentoring for schools.
  • The Mentoring Consulting Group offers a wide range of services to schools and districts regarding mentoring guidance and support.
  • Bullying Issues
  • Cyber Bully has both a Parent’s Guide and a Student’s Guide to cyber bullying.
  • Cyber Bully Help can offer assistance to the public regarding cyber bullying.
  • Stop Bullying Now can offer strategies to stop bullying in schools and provide positive approaches to social development.
  • This National Clearing House can serve as an authority on school bullying. It discusses what is happening in different states.

Informational Resources

Character Education

  • Character Counts contains a number of resources for teachers and coaches. It promotes Citizenship, Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, and Caring.
  • The Josephson Institute seeks to increase the ethical commitment and practices in society as a whole by changing both personal and organizational behavior.
  • What Will Matter provides thought provoking articles in character education. It is related to the Josephson Institute.
  • Characters of Character provides resource books and social stories to make it easy for kids to internalize values.
  • Wings for Kids is a free resource to promote positive character in schools via social emotional learning.
  • Character Counts discusses wheels of success for Academic, Social & Emotional, Character, and Climate areas.
  • has a number of free lesson plans that can be used at the elementary, middle school, and high school level.
  • Character Ed has a number of usable free parenting resources as a subset of a larger Character Education Network /li>
  • Good Character has a number of resources by way of lesson plans, activities, and programs that stand to help the teacher.
  • Information on effective playground management, utilizing character education through play, can be found here.
  • Youth Frontiers conducts retreats that are designed to inspire character in youth.

Other Resources

Confidentially report anything that concerns or threatens you, your friends, your family or your community.