Minimum Housing Standards

teddy bear and couch in abandoned building

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act defines a student as homeless if, in part, a student’s residence is not fixed, regular, and adequate.

So, exactly what is the definition of an “adequate” home?

 Home must have separate kitchen and bathroom, each with an operational sink
 Kitchen must have functional stove or range with oven
 Home must have food refrigeration
 Kitchen must have space for storage, preparation and serving of food
 Home must have hot and cold running water
 At least one bathroom must have a bathtub or shower, flush toilet, sink and ensure privacy
 Bathrooms must have window or vent
 Every sleeping room must have a window or door providing access to the outside
 Security locks must be on all exterior entrance doors
 Windows must have intact insect screens
 All habitable rooms must have at least two electric outlets
 Dwellings must have proper heating facilities
 Home must have a solid foundation
 Home must provide shelter from the weather; Roof does not leak
 Home must be free from insect or rodent infestation
 Home must be of adequate size; A single-family dwelling should house no more than five unrelated persons

*Adequate Housing Standards adapted from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Minimum Standards for Habitability