About the Project

In February 2012, the Wyoming P-16 Council organized a statewide STEM-CTE Summit. Following which, the 100 attendees from across the K-20 education spectrum, business, non-profit organizations and policymakers identified the need for an online repository of exemplary STEM and CTE programs, activities, and outreach efforts. This database would include pre-K to 20 programs, both formal and informal.

In response, a group of Wyoming STEM-CTE supporters are now developing a digital portal to house STEM resources and information from around Wyoming. This group is requesting information from our stakeholders to add to this database. They welcome contributions and information regarding Wyoming STEM projects including summer programs and camps, STEM start-ups and initiatives, professional development opportunities, or other STEM activities occurring in the state. They are interested in information on the sponsor or sponsors, program target demographics and effectiveness data when available, duration the program has functioned, contact person, opportunities for transport, etc. Please submit information to Megan Schnorenberg Candelaria at MEGDIANE@uwyo.edu.

WYSTEM Website