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Contact Information

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General Questions

    • Q: I’m planning to go on a religious mission or into the military for more than 24 months after high school, can I still get a Hathaway Scholarship?
      A: Yes, if students spend time in religious or military service for longer than 24 months after graduation, they can still qualify for the Hathaway Scholarship but they must provide documentation of the service time to the postsecondary school they apply to.


    • Q: I plan to take my first year after high school to travel, work, or take classes from an out-of-state college, will I still qualify for the Hathaway Scholarship when I get back?
      A: As long as you apply for the Hathaway Scholarship within 24 months of your graduation date, start using it within 28 months of your graduation date and are still considered a resident of Wyoming, yes, you will still qualify for the Hathaway Scholarship.


    • Q: Do I have to be degree seeking to get my Hathaway Scholarship?
      A: Yes, students must be degree or certificate seeking.


    • Q: Do I need to apply for the FAFSA to be eligible for the Hathaway Scholarship?
      A: No. However, if you are applying for the need based Hathaway, then yes, you will need to apply for the FAFSA.


    • Q: Do I have to pay taxes or claim the Hathaway Scholarship on my taxes?
      A: Only scholarship dollars that exceed cost of attendance are taxed as income. Typically this does not happen with the Hathaway Scholarship but each post-secondary institution sends out a tax form with the scholarship totals for all students for their tax records. In order to know if scholarship dollars are taxable, students need to consult that form, a tax preparer or their post-secondary institution.


  • Q: Does the state of Wyoming offer any other scholarships other than the Hathaway Scholarship?
    A: No. The the state of Wyoming only offers the Hathaway Scholarship. For more information on how to qualify for the scholarship, click here.


    • Q: What’s the Wyoming residency requirement?
      A: In addition to specific Hathaway Merit Scholarships eligibility requirements, a student must demonstrate Wyoming residency which is determined by the post-secondary institution.


  • Q: I graduated from high school May 27, 2012 and did not use my Hathaway Scholarship. Am I able to still claim my Hathaway Scholarship?
    A:No. You have two years from your high school graduation date, which is listed on your official transcripts to apply for your Hathaway Scholarship.

2016 Graduates and Beyond

    • Q: Regarding the new requirements for 2016 graduates and beyond, do the districts need to submit their fine arts and career and technical courses to the Wyoming Department of Education?
      A: Yes, at this time districts do have to submit their FA and CTE courses on their Hathaway Success Curriculum to the WDE. While those courses will be determined at the local level, the department does ask the districts to list those courses.  Likewise, districts do need to denote those courses as Hathaway courses on the students transcripts. Districts will also need to include those courses, along with SCED codes on the WDE 638 collection. To find out more about the 638 collection, click here.


    • Q: For the Honors and Performance levels of the Hathaway, how many years of foreign language do I have to take?
      A: As a part of the Hathaway Success Curriculum, Honors and Performance levels require students to take two sequenced years of foreign language. Students then can choose to take two additional years of foreign language or two years of career-vocational education courses or two years of fine and performing arts courses.


    • Q: Under the new requirements for 2016 graduates and beyond, can students take one year of fine arts and one year of career vocational and satisfy the requirements?
      A: No. Students must take two years of either, fine arts, career and vocational education or foreign language.


  • Q: For Opportunity and Provisional Opportunity Hathaway Scholarships, under the new requirements for 2016 graduates and beyond, if I choose to go the foreign language route, do the foreign language courses need to be sequenced?
    A: Yes, for the Opportunity and Provisional opportunity, foreign language courses must be sequenced, however, the Honors and Performance Hathaway Scholarship “additional foreign language” courses do not need to be sequenced.

Hathaway Success Curriculum

    • Q: I just graduated from high school and I am a few credits short for Hathaway and plan to retake those credits this summer, can I still qualify for the Hathaway Scholarship?
      A: As long as your high school graduation date is not before the time you finished the course/s you plan to make up, summer credits can be used for Hathaway purposes. For example, if the course/s you take end August 5, 2016 the graduation date on your transcript cannot be prior to that date. While you may still walk during your graduation ceremony, the graduation on your official high school transcript needs to be after the date you have taken all Hathaway courses.


    • Q: Does the Hathaway Success Curriculum allow for college courses?
      A: Yes. One semester college course (1000 level or higher) is equal to one full year of high school content in most school districts. (i.e. one semester of French 1010 is considered one full year of content at the high school level for Hathaway purposes).


    • Q: Can a student take a course after high school graduation to meet Hathaway requirements?
      A: Yes, however the course(s) must be on the final “official” high school Transcript to be considered as part of the Success Curriculum. For example, if a student graduates May 31 but intends to take a summer recovery course, the graduation date cannot be May 31, rather it should be after the course has ended.


    • Q: Can a student test out of a course and have it fill a Hathaway Success curriculum requirement?
      A: Yes. Testing out of courses is allowed if credits are given on the official high school transcript (i.e. CLEP exams).


  • Q: Does Hathaway look at seat time or high school credit?
    A: Hathaway only looks at course content.

ACT and WorkKeys

  • Q: If a senior graduates from high school on May 31 and wants to attend college in the fall, can that student take the ACT again in June and will that score be accepted?
    A: Yes. After the scholarship has been initiated, students have until the start of courses to submit their ACT scores to the institution.

College Questions

    • Q: Will the Hathaway Scholarship pay for remedial courses?
      A: No, Hathaway will only pay for college level courses.


    • Q: Who do I contact to receive my Hathaway Scholarship?
      A: Most questions about your scholarship can be answered by the Hathaway Scholarship Coordinators at each college. Here is the contact information.


    • Q: I have the Honors level scholarship but failed to maintain a 2.5 GPA during my first semester in college. My current GPA is 2.32, can I receive the Opportunity level scholarship while I work to get my GPA back up to a 2.5?
      A: Yes, the minimum GPA for the Opportunity scholarship is 2.25. Additionally, if you regain the 2.5 GPA, you are then eligible to receive your Honors scholarship again.


    • Q: I just graduated from high school and qualify for the Hathaway Scholarship. Who do I contact to receive my Hathaway Scholarship?
      A: Be sure you have filled out the necessary information for the Wyoming college you plan to attend. Admissions representatives at each college are there to help students take the proper steps towards enrolling and completing applications. Click here for college Hathaway Scholarship Coordinator contact information.


    • Q: Can I use my Hathaway Scholarship to earn a certificate at a Wyoming community college?
      A: Yes.


    • Q: If I get a better GPA in college, will I be eligible for a higher Hathaway Scholarship?
      A: No, your GPA is based on your academic performance in high school. With that said, there are certain academic requirements to maintain while using the Hathaway Scholarship in college.


    • Q: Can the Hathaway Scholarship be used for the summer semester?
      A: Yes, it may be used at an eligible institution. However, summer does not count as part of the academic year so the student must also attend the fall and spring semesters of the academic year. The summer semesters does count toward the student’s total scholarship eligibility for an equivalent of eight full time semesters.


  • Q: Can I use my Hathaway Scholarship for graduate credits at the University of Wyoming?
    A: As long as you still have eligibility left you are able to use your Hathaway Scholarship for graduate credit at UW. Contact the Hathaway Coordinator at your school for more detail.

Hathaway Curriculum Coordinators

  • Q: What are SCED codes and how can I reference them?
    A: Secondary School Course Classification System. School codes for the exchange of data. These can be found here.