Early Childhood Readiness

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Chief Academic Officer
Shelley Hamel
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Early Learning Specialist
Amy Reyes
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Early Learning is a critical component of a child’s education. Research has linked early intervention with both cognitive and socio-emotional gains since the early 20th century, and clearly shows that children enrolled in a form of early learning programs benefit by receiving an education before kindergarten.

Studies show that children enrolled in these programs showcase the following benefits:

  • Better behavioral patterns
  • Higher IQ scores when enrolling in kindergarten
  • Faster learning
  • Higher socio-economic outcomes later in life
  • Between 1.3% to 3.5% higher income over the course of their careers

Likewise, studies show that children that are behind when they enter kindergarten tend to remain behind for their entire educational career, and even beyond. These gaps in achievement are difficult and expensive to close with K-12 education alone, and the improved earnings show that early intervention is an intelligent investment.

Early Childhood Care and Education

Early childhood care and education (ECCE) is more than preparation for primary school. It aims at the holistic development of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs in order to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and well-being. ECCE has the possibility to nurture caring, capable and responsible future citizens.

Did You Know

The overwhelming evidence shows that children who enter kindergarten behind are likely to remain behind throughout their educational careers and beyond. These gaps in achievement are difficult and expensive to close with K-12 education alone. We can help ensure children show up to kindergarten ready to learn by providing our youngest learners with options to access high-quality early childhood programs from ages zero to five—where they can develop the full range of skills necessary to be successful in school and life.

COVID-19 Literacy Instruction

As many parents and educators know, COVID-19 has made all of us rethink how we teach and parent. Part of the new normal is understanding the guidelines, restrictions, and restructuring classroom education. Part of the struggle begins with being able to teach proper mouth formations in oral language with a mask on. 

In an effort to improve literacy instruction while wearing a mask please see the following links:

COVID–19 Preschool Procedure Flyer