Next Step Assessment Clinic

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Contact Information

Next Step Assessment Coordinator
Leslie Bechtel Van Orman
(307) 857-9267


The WDE’s Deaf-Blind Project hosts the Next Step Assessment Clinic twice a year. The next clinic will be held October 25, 2019.

About the Program

The Clinic offers a transdisciplinary, play-based assessment designed to address areas of concern identified by the school and family. Information from the Next Step Clinic can be used to validate existing programming, identify areas of need, offer recommendations, resources and strategies for educational programming.

The educational assessment teams may include an Autism Specialist, Assistive Technology Professional, Deaf-Blind Educator, Occupational Therapist, Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Physical Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, Teacher of the Deaf, Teacher for Students with Visual Impairments, Special Education Teacher and School Psychologist. In addition, students may see an Audiologist, Optometrist and/or Mealtime Management/Nutrition Team.

Family members and school personnel are encouraged to participate during assessments. A written report is provided to the family and educational agency following the assessment.