Computer Science Education Task Force

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To provide recommendations, guidance, and best practices focused on developing a robust, aligned computer science education system which will prepare students for future success and the ability to make a difference in a global economy.

Joint Education Committee Motion:

“Senator Rothfuss, moved, seconded by Representative Bovee, the Joint Education Committee requests the Department of Education to work with Wyoming school districts, the Professional Teaching Standards Board, community colleges, and the University of Wyoming, as necessary, to develop a roadmap, milestones and a timeline towards achieving:

  1. Access to an Advanced Placement Computer Science course or dual/concurrent enrollment equivalent for all Wyoming High School Students;
  2. Access to at least two semesters of coding courses or dual/concurrent enrollment equivalent for all Wyoming High School Students; and
  3. Five hundred annual Advanced Placement Computer Science tests taken or dual/concurrent enrollment earned credit equivalent with broad student demographic participation.

The Committee further requests the Department of Education recommend any necessary statutory changes needed to achieve these objectives and report back to the Joint Education Committee at the September 27-28 meeting.”

Meeting Schedule:
  • February 26, 2018
    • Full Task Force Meeting
    • Wyoming Game and Fish – Elk Room
    • 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

See 2017 Meeting Information

  • Allyson Anderson, University of Wyoming – College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Barbara Sanchez, Teton School District #1
  • Carla Hester Croff, Western Wyoming Community College
  • Carmalee Rose, Department of Workforce Services
  • Chris Rothfuss, Wyoming Legislature – Senate
  • Dallas Myer, Fremont County School District #25
  • Darren Schmidt, Johnson County School District #1
  • Dicky Shanor, Wyoming Department of Education
  • Eric Trowbridge, Array School of Technology and Design
  • Erin Taylor, Representing Microsoft
  • Garry Piiparinen, Wyoming Legislature – House of Representatives
  • Gary New, NCAR
  • Gerry Chase, Johnson County School District #1
  • Jim Gerrniger, ESRI
  • John Drescher, Apple
  • John Lyttle, Laramie County School District #1
  • Julie Arp, Department of Enterprise Technology Systems
  • Julie Snyder, Johnson County School District #1
  • Karen Rogers, Wyoming Game & Fish Department
  • Keith Harris, Big Horn County School District #1
  • Lander Bachert, Montana Coding Academy
  • Mary Kay Hill, Governor’s Policy Office
  • Nate Breen, State Board of Education
  • Nick Bellack, Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board
  • Ray Reutzel, University of Wyoming – College of Education
  • Rebecca Watts, University of Wyoming – Teacher Education Initiative
  • Sean Roberts,
  • Tighe Fagan, Gannett Peak Technical Services
  • Zac Opps, Park County School District #1
WDE Support Staff:
  • Laurel Ballard – Task Force Facilitator
  • Jill Stringer – Task Force Facilitator
  • Shelley Hamel
  • Robin Grandpre