2021 Wyoming Teacher of the Year Application

Congratulations on being selected as the 2021 District Teacher of the Year!

Complete this application to be considered for the Wyoming Teacher of the Year. All 2021 District Teachers of the Year are eligible to participate in the 2021 Level Up Leadership Program.

Tips for competing this application:

  1. This application cannot be  saved half way through. It is recommended that you complete all of the responses in a Google or Word Document and then copy and paste into this application.
  2. Take the opportunity to tell your educational story.
  3. Submit external documents (resume, letters of recommendation) as PDFs.

For questions or concerns, contact Robin Grandpre at robin.grandpre1@wyo.gov or

2021 Teacher of the Year Application - Due by May 29, 2020

Section 1: Teacher Information

First and Last
(ex. 1408 Teacher Lane, Cheyenne, WY 82002)
Cell phone number preferred.
*The NTOY program coordinators will correspond with you using your personal email due to security and spam filters on school and district emails. Please be sure it is up to date!
This information is not shared with the selection committee.
This information is not shared with the selection committee.
This information is not shared with the selection committee.

Section 2: District Information

(ex. 1408 District Lane, Cheyenne, WY 82002)

Section 3: School Information

(ex. 1408 School Lane, Cheyenne, WY 82002)
This information is not shared with the selection committee.
This information is not shared with the selection committee.

Section 5: Professional Biography

Write your professional biography in 3rd person, as this will be used in promotional materials for WTOY and NTOY speaking opportunities and engagements. By completing this section, you agree that your biography and headshot* can be used in WTOY and NTOY materials (maximum 250 words).In your bio, please include the following items: 1. The grade level and subject you currently teach 2. The school in which you currently teach, including city and state 3. All degrees you hold include the institution where they were received (i.e., Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Connecticut)In your bio, please follow the following style guidelines: 1. Spell out your degrees (i.e., Bachelor of Art not BA) 2. Only capitalize a subject area when it's a language (i.e., capitalize English but not calculus) 3. Use your first and last name in the first reference, but your last name only on second and subsequent references 4. Spell out all acronyms the first time they are used *Headshot will be collected from the WTOY.

Section 4: Resume

Please attach your resume to accompany this application as a PDF. Resumes should not exceed two pages, formatted no less than 10 point font, double-spaced with ½ inch margins. Please name your resume as follows: LastName_District_Resume. Required categories are as follows: Education, Certifications, Experience, Leadership, Awards & Other Recognition.
Maximum upload size: 10.24MB

Section 6: Response Questions

Respond to the following questions, highlighting your personal story, and why you believe you should be the 2020 Wyoming Teacher of the Year. Please indicate evidence of student impact. Please do not include external links. Maximum word counts are indicated in parenthesis.

Section 7: Supporting Evidence

Attach one letter of recommendation that support why you should be the Wyoming Teacher of the Year. The recommendation can be from a parent, colleague, administrator, or student. (maximum one page)
Maximum upload size: 10.24MB
Please name using the following format: LastName_District_Recommendation

Demographic Information

The information on this section will not be shared with the Selection Committee. It is used for program contact information and the CCSSO database. The Wyoming Teacher of the Year will be selected without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability.

By clicking submit, you agree that you have been selected and approved to be the District Teacher of the Year by your District Superintendent. You also agree that the information provided is correct and hereby give your permission that any or all of the attached material (other than home address and personal telephone number) may be shared with persons interested in promoting the Wyoming Teacher of the Year and the Wyoming District Teachers of the Year.