16:1 K-3 Student Teacher Ratio

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The implementation of the 16:1 Waiver, K-3 Student Teacher Ratio is mandated by House Enrolled Act 98 of 2011, specifically W.S. § 21-13-307(a)(iv).

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Student to Teacher Ratios are only calculated for grades Kindergarten though Three.

No, ratios are not calculated for charter schools established under W.S. § 21-3-3-1 through 21-3-314. Additionally, schools that are designated as “Exceeding Expectations” pursuant to W.S. § 21-2-204 (e)(i)(A) are removed before the district ratio is calculated. K-2 schools that are paired with “Exceeding Expectations” schools will also be removed from the calculation.

This is a district average. W.S. § 21-13-307(a)(iv) requires the districts to provide evidence that the district has maintained an average student to teacher ratio of not greater than sixteen (16) to one (1) for the aggregate of all classes in kindergarten through grade three (3) in the district.

Education data are maintained by local school districts and reported to the Department.  The Student to Teacher ratio is based on data submitted to the Department by each district through the WDE684 WISE Teacher/Course/Student and WDE602 WISE School District Staff Member Collections.

Yes. The Department uses student and staff level information in the calculations.  Everyone agrees on protecting identities, so the Department only reports aggregated data that do not reveal any personally identifiable information. Aggregated data are statistics that combine data from many students to allow for schools to make informed decisions about how to improve schools, while still protecting individual student or staff member privacy. For more information on how student privacy is protected, please see http://edu.wyoming.gov/data/data-governance/.

A confidential embargoed release will begin on March 1, 2016. District administrators will have 10 business days to review their data. The data will be on the Wyoming Education Fusion portal and district users will need to log in to see their data.

No, results will not be publicly distributed, however, aggregated results are shared with the Legislative Services Office and state legislators.

The 16:1 computation comes from the 16:1 funding for core teachers as defined in the Wyoming Education Funding Model.

No. The intent of this statutory requirement is for the Department to count only core teachers as calculated in the Wyoming Education Funding Model.

If it is determined that a district did not meet the 16:1 student to teacher ratio in grades K-3 they will have the opportunity to apply for a waiver. If the waiver is NOT granted, the district will be required to pay back federal funds.

Yes, they are. The Wyoming Department of Education acknowledges two related requirements for K-3 classes in Wyoming. W.S. § 21-13-307(a) (iv) requires an average student-teacher ratio of 16:1 for the aggregate of all K-3 classes in your district. Per W.S. § 21-2-202(a)(xxxi) the Wyoming Department of Education promulgated Chapter 41 rules which also includes a maximum cap of 25:1 for each distance education course.

Yes, The WDE interprets this staffing requirement to read each school must achieve a 16.49 (or lower)-to-1 student to teacher ratio in grades K-3.

A district may apply for a waiver as outlined in W.S. § 21-13-307(a) (iv).  Additional information on waivers can be found at: http://edu.wyoming.gov/data/161-waiver/

The Department encourages the districts to apply for waivers soon after they receive notification from the Department of their official ratio. However, a district must apply for a waiver no later than March 15 every year.


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