Three images of State Board Members at a Meeting in Laramie

Our Vision

Wyoming education partners support a student-centered learning system in which all Wyoming students graduate prepared and empowered to create and own their futures.

Our Mission

Lead collaborative partnerships in which student, teacher and administrative judgment are valued to craft policies and create future-focused systems oriented around the individual student by

  • Communicating the urgent need for transformational change;
  • Incentivizing innovative education;
  • Developing a system of district support;
  • Utilizing flexible measurements to gauge and celebrate successful change.

Our Goals

  • Facilitating the development and implementation of a comprehensive, multi-tiered system of support focused on continuous improvement which provides assistance to schools not meeting expectations;
  • Stressing the importance of communities and families in supporting high-quality education for all Wyoming children;
  • Sharing the importance of rigorous, college and career ready content and performance standards;
  • Encouraging collaborative partnerships to collectively impact positive student outcomes; and,
  • Fostering understanding of the role, duties, and responsibilities of the state board.