Each year the board presents the governor and legislature key educational issues and opportunities for consideration. This year, the Wyoming State Board of Education’s legislative priorities are:

Schoolgirls reading a fairy tale togetherAdequate School Funding
The State Board of Education makes policy decisions that have financial implications. We therefore support adequate school funding designed to ensure a high-quality education for every Wyoming child by improving student learning, recruiting and retaining quality educators, and providing for district capital construction needs. We support a clear, reliable budget that allows districts to plan for and make progress over time, incentivize innovation, harness new technologies and allow schools to transform the way education is presented to students to keep Wyoming strong.
Students Studying Human Brain in Science ClassEarly Learning programs available to every child in Wyoming
It is well established that high-quality early learning experiences make a positive difference in a child’s life, driving increased academic achievement, improved behavior, decreased delinquency and crime, and increased lifetime earnings. We support the development of optional early learning programs, made available to all children in Wyoming, based on a universal set of standards and delivery methods. Furthermore, we support flexibility in funding and integration of a system of support to help ensure educator success.
Native American Pow WowImproved educational support for American Indian students and schools
We support the development of greater educational support and delivery systems to improve outcomes for American Indian students and schools on Wyoming’s reservations.
Group of Diverse International Students Celebrating Graduation

Incentive programs to improve attendance and graduation rates
School attendance directly impacts student success and graduation rates. Graduating from high school impacts earning ability and potential to positively contribute to Wyoming’s economy. We support enhanced attendance policies, including new legislation incentivizing attendance and decreased drop out rate so that we can close the achievement gap for all students.

We are partners in education.

The Wyoming State Board of Education forges collaborative partnerships to further student success. We work with the Wyoming Department of Education, district superintendents, teachers and educational associations across Wyoming. We also work with interested citizens, the University of Wyoming’s Center for Education Leadership, Wyoming Community College Commission, Governor Mead and our legislators. Enhancing relationships with our partners in education is crucial to Wyoming’s prosperity.

This year, the board and many of our partners in education are participating in Superintendent Balow’s strategic planning for education in Wyoming. We believe a unified set of goals and measurements focused on promoting and supporting a culture of achievement is important. This is exactly the kind of visionary work that must be done to empower students to create their own futures and keep Wyoming strong.

We invite you to learn more about the Wyoming State Board of Education’s priorities, goals and legislative agenda. We also invite you to join us at our board meetings to share your input about Wyoming education. If you have any questions, please contact State Board administrative assistant, Aimee Patterson at 307-777-8943 or aimee.patterson@wyo.gov.