In March, the Wyoming State Senate confirmed Governor Mark Gordon’s two new nominations to the Wyoming State Board of Education (SBE) — Debbie Bovee and Bill Lambert. These appointments came at a time when the State Board of Education was losing two of its members who completed their six-year terms — Ken Rathbun and Scotty Ratliff.

Ken Rathbun is a consulting engineer in Sundance and regularly gives of his time for issues close to his heart, especially education. In addition to his six-year term on the SBE, Ken has served over 16 years as a school board member in Crook County School District #1. Last fall, he was given the All Wyoming School Board award by the Wyoming School Boards Association. Service is a big part of what Rathbun is all about. He attended the U.S. Military Academy in West Point and served in the military for more than nine years. He was a founding member on the Board of Directors for the Crook County Community Juvenile Services Board. Stylistically, Rathbun is a good listener and is most thoughtful before making comments that others around him take as good counsel.

Scotty Ratliff has served wisely and well in his six years on the SBE. Like Rathbun, he served his country in the military and is considered a Vietnam War hero. He was the first Native American to serve in the Wyoming State Legislature. He contributed a description of Chief Washakie in Tribal Government (with Janet Flynn) in “A Wyoming Civility Reader.” Scotty is the driving force behind the Wyoming Rodeo Hall of Fame and provides student activity booklets to children throughout Wyoming. He is an ardent advocate for early childhood education.

The concept of service will continue, as the new board members take their positions on the SBE. Debbie Bovee served in the Wyoming State Legislature. Bill Lambert has served for years on the Weston County Commission. As the SBE bids a fond farewell to its former members, the board welcome the new ideas of its new members.