August 22, 2016

CHEYENNE – The Wyoming State Board of Education (SBE) met in Casper Thursday, August 18 to begin developing its legislative priorities for 2017 and to approve several policies. As part of this work, the board voted in favor of allowing all ex-officio members an equal vote. Current ex-officio members include Jillian Balow, superintendent of public instruction, and Jim Rose, executive director of the Wyoming Community College Commission. The SBE will submit its recommendation to the Joint Education Interim Committee (JEIC) on September 1, 2016, along with a request to add a new ex-officio member to the board from the University of Wyoming’s College of Education.

Also in preparation for its September 1 report to the JEIC, the board discussed its 2017 legislative priorities, which include editing and aligning statutes and rules promulgated by the board as well as updating information about federal legislation and the new statewide assessment system. In addition, the board plans to request legislation that encourages enhanced American Indian education in classrooms across the state.

During the meeting, the board renewed SBE policies related to duties of the board chair, board legal status, the powers and duties of the board, and board member method of selection. In its September session, it will address two additional policies:  the agenda development process and determining who may attend executive sessions. Due to concerns about language inconsistencies and the relationship between Chapter 31 (graduation rules) and Chapter 10 (Uniform Content and Performance Standards), the board also rescinded its Chapter 31 Rules proposal. The SBE will address Chapter 31 Rules again at its September board meeting.

In its role as the State Board of Vocational Education, the SBE heard reports from Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) career and technical education supervisor Guy Jackson, along with three staff members. Jo Ann Numoto, WDE court ordered placement consultant, requested and received approval for two additional facilities for court ordered placements for students.

Throughout the meeting, several WDE staff members and consultants also reported on a number of topics:

  • The value of enhancing American Indian Education in Wyoming by Rob Black, WDE education consultant
  • Updates on the specialty assessments task forces and the statewide assessment RFP by Deb Lindsey, WDE assessment administrator
  • Updates on accountability by Mike Flicek, WDE consultant, and Julie Magee, WDE division director of accountability
  • Presentation of final comments, of which there were none, about Chapter 3 charter school appeal procedures, by Julie Magee
  • Report on Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) by Lisa Weigel, WDE chief policy officer and Brent Bacon, WDE chief academic officer

The board will convene again on September 22 – 23 in Sheridan for its annual planning session.

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