05-22-2023 Wyoming Nicotine Free School Toolkit

Many school districts in Wyoming have begun reviewing and revising their tobacco and nicotine-related policies. The Wyoming Nicotine-Free School Toolkit was developed by the Wyoming Cancer Coalition Prevention Workgroup in partnership with the Wyoming Tobacco and Control Program and will help districts in this effort.

The toolkit is intended to serve as a guide to help school districts in Wyoming update, implement, and enhance a comprehensive nicotine-free policy. A model tobacco/nicotine-free school policy is included in this document to make the process more convenient for school administrators.

Community programs and school policies that encourage a nicotine-free environment and lifestyle have been shown to prevent and reduce youth nicotine product use, including the use of tobacco products and e-cigarettes or vapes. If you would like assistance with utilizing the toolkit, we would be happy to provide additional resources.

For more information, contact Dustin Brown, Wyoming Project AWARE Manager, at 307-631-5377 or dustin.brown1@wyo.gov; or Cassidy Shaver, Youth Substance Use and Tobacco Prevention Specialist, at cassidy.shaver@wyo.gov.