Student Transportation

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Pupil Transportation Director
Justin Arnold
(307) 777-6984

This program provides assistance to school districts in the areas of school busing specifications and bidding, fleet management, transportation program evaluation, in-service training programs, and interpretation of state and federal laws and rules and regulations. The Wyoming School Foundation program staff ensure accuracy in the flow of state money utilized to cover allowed pupil transportation costs to local school districts. The annual Wyoming Pupil Transportation Association Conference and Mechanics’ Workshop are coordinated with the Wyoming Pupil Transportation Association through this office.

Important Information

Due to the extraordinary crisis beset upon the State of Wyoming due to the pandemic brought on by COVID-19, the Department of Education is seeking immediate implementation of emergency rules to accommodate the transportation needs of school districts throughout the state.


March 2020 Emergency Rules Chapter 20

WDE Policy for Isolation and Maintenance Reimbursement

Fiscal Year 2020 School Bus Bids

The following documents provide information concerning the school bus purchase process for Wyoming public school districts for 2019-20.

FY2020 Student Transportation Bus Bids

FY2020 Purchase Process

Type A Bids

Type C Bids

Type D Bids

Pupil Transportation Advisory Committee

Wyoming Statute 21-13-320(h)(ii) authorizes the Wyoming Pupil Transportation Advisory Committee.

(ii) “Pupil transportation committee” means an advisory committee comprised of school district business managers, student transportation program managers and employees, district superintendents and other district personnel organized by the state department of education to assist the department in developing and maintaining state standards for vehicle specifications and equipment, vehicle fleet regulations and vehicle replacement schedules including the establishment of minimum, average and optimal replacement schedules, as required under this section.