CTE Demonstration Project Grant

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Guy Jackson
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Lauren Easom
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2018-20 CTE Demonstration Project Grant

The CTE Demonstration Project Grant is a competitive state grant to fund expenses associated with the planning, development and implementation of a new or expansion of existing high school CTE programs and will:

  • Prepare high school students for post-secondary options
  • Connect academic and technical curriculum
  • Provide innovation to ensure career choices, work-based learning and dual enrollment, and
  • Support workforce, education and economic needs of Wyoming

In order to apply, a school district must have at least one post-secondary partner, and one business or industry partner. Grant funds will be awarded for July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2020. Demonstration projects must be sustainable after the funding period. The demonstration project maximum cannot exceed $125,000. Applications will open in March 2018.

The grant is enabled by W.S. 21-12-105.

2016-18 Recipients

“Oh the Places You’ll Go through College and Workforce Readiness”

  • Award Recipient: Buffalo County School District #1
  • Project Coordinator:  Jeanie Iberlin

Goals of the Project: To give the Buffalo High School the capability of offering students the opportunity to attain college credits and certifications in four critical college and workforce areas. This will be accomplished through the purposeful alignment of curriculum to college and industry expectations and through articulating with businesses and colleges. The four areas of certification that will be met through this grant are as follows: 1) Metal Fabrication with an Entrepreneurial Certification; 2) Manufacturing Technology Certification; 3) Computer Generated Imagery Certification; and 4) Pre-Education Certification.

CTE Childcare

  • Award Recipient: Fremont County School District #24
  • Project Coordinator:  Andrea Gilberson

Goals of the Project: To assist in developing and establishing a systematic Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathway in Early Childhood Education at Shoshoni High School (SHS) and for the implementation of an on campus Child Care and Development Center to give high school students real world work-based learning opportunities, and a facility to serve the needs of the local community.

Fremont County School District intends to add an Early Childhood Education career pathway. This pathway will provide: 1) college level classes in Early Childhood Education, 2) hands-on child care educational experience, 3) an opportunity to earn transferable college credits, 4) the Capability to pursue and earn an industry-specific Child Development Associates (CDA) credential and 5) CTE skills that will prepare students in pursuing a postsecondary educational degree in related fields or employment in Child Care or Preschool facilities upon graduation.

Toward a Guaranteed and Viable CTE Curriculum

  • Award Recipient: Sheridan County School District #2
  • Project Coordinator:  Mitch Craft

Goals of the Project: To provide an enrichment, research-based program operating under Project Lead the Way (PLTW), and also establishing a Coding Club and Rube Goldberg themed team in the schools to adequately prepare our students for 21st century STEM related careers. PLTW’s four-year Engineering and Biomedical Science programs help build student interest and engagement in engineering and biomedical science. Students can take advantage of the full program or incorporate the classes as seen appropriate for their learning path. Concepts covered include sustainability, structures, aerodynamics, digital electronics and circuit design, the environment, and more. The exposure to multiple disciplines provides the students with many experiences in the engineering field and biomedical sciences before starting their post-secondary education.

Culinary Update

  • Award Recipient: Carbon County School District #2
  • Project Coordinator:  Cheryl Munroe

Goals of the Project: Students experience relevant “hands on” skills for the workplace which will take them into their future vocations through FACS, Pro Start and FCCLA. I need to take the next step and provide my students with equipment that would be used in the hospitality and culinary industry.

An ideal educational system integrates STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), Common Core, and CTE (Career and Technical Education) programs to apply knowledge across interdisciplinary curricula.  CTE classes bridge the gap and use “soft skills” of communication, teamwork, positive attitudes, good work habits, critical thinking and research skills to prepare for an individual’s future. With rigorous and relevant learning experiences in CTE classes, students will graduate with career readiness skills, work habits, positive attitudes and knowledge to compete in the job market. . At the present time, skilled workers with hospitality training are in high demand in the Wyoming workforce.  Because of positive growth in Wyoming’s hospitality industry and the viable job market in this area, students with these skills will have gainful employment available to them.

Integration and Certification

  • Award Recipient: Natrona County School District #1
  • Project Coordinator:  Robert Hill

Goals of the Project: To provide a sustainable project at the Pathways Innovation Center (PIC) at Natrona County School District #1. PIC is an academy-based environment that aligns with Allowable Activities. Primary areas of focus include: full integration of Industrial CTE courses (Construction, Welding) and high level math and language arts courses, industry recognized certifications and curriculum, and pathway alignment that extends from grade 9 through 14. We have a high need for an authentic project that interdisciplinary teams can use as an anchor point for core classes and CTE courses to integrate.