Cindy Hill, WDE Superintendent

Cindy Hill

Cindy Hill’s career in education has focused on improving student outcomes through instructional leadership. Cindy grew up in Wyoming and is a product of Wyoming public schools. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Wyoming, and a master’s degree from the University of Michigan in educational policy and administration.

Hill’s experience in education combines both private and public sector work. Cindy began her teaching career working with at-risk students. After 15 years in the private sector, she served as a principal at Carey Junior High School in Cheyenne. Cindy’s character, experience, and education align in a way that encourages the participation of each student, each parent and each teacher in the classroom experience. She’s also an innovator who consistently drives school improvement through the development and implementation of data driven school improvements, and a focus on instruction.

In November 2010, Cindy was elected Wyoming’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction to oversee Wyoming’s K-12 public education system. The Superintendent also has the duty to appoint members to the Professional Teaching Standards Board. Additionally, she is a member of the Montgomery Trust Fund for the Visually Impaired Board, the Wyoming Early Childhood Council, the Wyoming Workforce Development Council, the Wyoming Higher Education Assistance Authority, and numerous other state boards.

Cindy’s goal is to ensure the growth of every student. To support the achievement of that goal, she travels extensively throughout the state of Wyoming visiting students in the classroom, meeting with educational leaders where they lead, and, whenever possible, proactively she makes herself available to community members and the media to discuss topics associated with education.

Cindy knows communication is paramount to creating the structure that supports and sustains successful student growth. To support legislative initiatives, Cindy queries a variety of people engaged in education and seeks their input for ways the WDE may play a productive role in the implementation of those initiatives.

Cindy and her husband Drake are residents of Cheyenne. Their son Drew graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2010.