Student & Facilities Safety

Contact Information

Bruce Hayes
(307) 777-6198

The Wyoming Department of Education provides technical assistance to schools on matters including, but not limited to, safety systems, security, bullying, pesticides, indoor air quality, terrorism, mold, playgrounds, and areas hazardous materials. Administers and writes applicable contracts for the state’s anonymous tip line. Currently handling the transition of the federal Title IV funds from a formula program to a competitive format. Facilitates legislation on anti-bullying efforts. Coordinates closely with the State Office of Homeland Security and other agencies to create safer schools via the School Safety Committee. Conducts statewide school safety workshops. Edits and updates the legislatively required “Wyoming School Facilities Hazardous Materials Guidelines.” Researches and provides relevant material on the school safety section of the K-12 website.

Website Links

  • (see the video about the dangerous youth activity called The Choking Game)