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Bruce Hayes
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The Wyoming Department of Education is committed to student safety and health. The programs we sponsor and support are grounded in education and knowledge, because the more students know about potentially harmful subjects, the better they can prepare to face them. Our goal is to keep parents and students informed. If you have questions or would like to learn more about our Health and Safety programs, please contact Bruce Hayes by way of the information listed above.
Health Programs Safety Programs

Safe and Drug-Free Schools

This program supports prevention activities in the area of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and violence.
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Traffic Safety and Driver Education

These programs deal with teaching driver education and traffic safety in K-12 schools.
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HIV, STD, & Pregnancy Prevention

This program conducts activities that establish, strengthen, or expand HIV/STI prevention education and integrate education into school health programs.
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Student and Facilities Safety

The WDE provides assistance to schools on matters of safety, security, bullying, pesticides, indoor air quality, terrorism, playgrounds, and hazardous materials.
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21st Century CCLC Program

PAWS proficiency, graduation rates, remediation rates, and alcohol use are targeted areas of 21 CCLC.
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Student Transportation

The WDE provides technical assistance to school districts in the areas of busing, fleet management, and more.
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Nutrition in Wyoming Schools

One of the WDE’s most important responsibilities is making sure Wyoming students receive healthy, nutritious meals.
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WeTip Hotline 1-800-78-CRIME

The WeTip hotline is a valuable tool for students and staff members who know of a crime, but are afraid to tell anyone.
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Health Education Content and Performance Standards

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