State Systems of Support (SSoS)

Contact Information

Shelly Andrews
State System of Support
Policy and Planning
(307) 777-3781
The WDE provides tiered support and technical assistance through tools and strategies delivered on-site, electronically, and through professional development.

WDE-Sponsored Support Systems Meeting

On October 15th 2014, WDE staff met with school representatives from around the state to discuss the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act (WAEA). Presentations delivered by each speaker can be downloaded below.

  • Julie Magee’s Assessment Presentation
  • Deb Lindsey’s Assessment Presentation
  • Leslie Zimmerschied’s School Performance Rating Reports Presentation
  • Mike Flicek’s Wyoming School Accountability PowerPoint Presentation
  • Shelly Andrews’ Statewide System of Support Presentation

  • Wyoming Accreditation and Support

    Wyoming Accreditation and Support provides a statewide system of support which focuses on the improvement of districts and schools. An effective state system of support builds capacity of Wyoming Educators, and provides opportunities to people in districts and schools so that they might continuously improve the performance of their coordinated roles toward the end of “all students meeting or exceeding learning standards.”

    Wyoming Accreditation