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Hathaway scholarships are designed to provide an incentive for Wyoming students to prepare for and pursue post-secondary education within the state of Wyoming. The program consists of four separate merit scholarships, each with specific eligibility requirements, and a need-based scholarship for eligible students that supplements the merit awards. To learn more about Stan Hathaway and how the Hathaway Scholarship got started, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I filled out my application for the Hathaway Scholarship and would like to check the status, who should I contact?
A: It is best to contact the institution you are planning to attend. For each college’s Hathaway Scholarship Coordinator contact information click here.

Q: How do I know what courses are approved for the Hathaway Success Curriculum for my school or district?
A: The Hathaway Success Curriculum(HSC) for your school or district can be found here.

Q: Do Hathaway foreign language courses need to be taken consecutively. For example, if a student takes a Hathaway approved FL in 9th grade, do they have take the next sequenced course in 10th grade?
A: Foreign language classes do not need to be taken consecutively, however they must be sequenced.

*NEW Q: Regarding the new requirements for 2016 graduates and beyond, do the districts need to submit their fine arts and career and technical courses to the Wyoming Department of Education?
A: Yes, at this time districts do have to submit their FA and CTE courses on their Hathaway Success Curriculum to the WDE. While hose courses will be determined at the local level, the department does ask the districts to list those courses. Likewise, districts do need to denote those courses as Hathaway courses on the students transcripts. Districts will also need to include those courses, along with SCED codes on the WDE 638 collection. To find out more about the 638 collection click here.

Q: I’m still a Wyoming resident and have been using my Hathaway Scholarship but now I want to transfer to an institution out of state, can I take the Hathaway Scholarship with me?
A: No, students can only use the Hathaway Scholarship at the University of Wyoming or one of the seven Wyoming community colleges.

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